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On Trend: Pearl Blond Hair

A pearlescent shade of blonde? That doesn’t just sound like a good idea – it is, especially for young trendsetters. Find out what the hair trend looks like and, more importantly, how to get it!

Calling all mermaids! A pearlescent shimmer is no longer for sea shells only. Your hair can also shine like a precious pearl. Pearl blonde is the hair trend launched by inventive fashionistas. This cool shade of blond is perfect for anyone who loves an extravagant look.

Pearl blond: Shimmer like a precious pearl

Silky, shimmering hair, a cooler than cool look – pearl blond promises to be all that and more. What sets it apart from all other shades of blond? It’s ultra cool, almost platinum, ultra shiny, and contains metallic hues of lavender and peach that catch the light just like a real pearl. It’s a hair dream come true – not just for mermaids.

How to color pearl blond hair

This color is best done by a professional. Pearl blond is not easy to achieve. You have to start from color level 7, which is a medium blond or lighter.

The stylist then has to lighten your hair to level 10, which is a hip platinum. That’s the right base for our shimmering trend. The next steps are up to you: This ultra light color base can take diluted toners, including all pearlescent shades: violet, peach, blue, pink, silver.

Any colors you choose have to be subtle pastels. And: they should be well blended for a balanced layering effect that appears different depending on how the light catches it and how you’re looking at it. Like a beautiful shimmering pearl.

How to care for ultra shimmering pearl blond

Pearl blond waves

Shimmering color effects and soft waves make for an enchanting combination.

Level 10 blond is beautiful, but also stressful for your hair. Your hair requires intense care to prevent frizz and dullness. Shampoo, conditioner and hair mask should all come from a care series for bleached hair. Apply a mask once a week and leave it on for several hours or over night to give your hair the moisture it needs.

Always apply a heat protectant to shield your hair before blow drying or straightening. One more tip: Don’t dye your hair immediately before your summer vacation. UV rays, chlorine and salt water can discolor your hair and leave a green tinge.

The best styles for pearl blond hair

Woman with pearl blond hair and sunglasses

Pearlescent hair works really well with black.

This cool, soft blond shines when it’s groomed and shiny. The different shades look best in wavy mermaid-like hair. This style looks particularly cool with a black outfit and metallic makeup, making your appearance an enchanting experience.

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