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Nordic Blonde Hair is all the Rage

The lightness of blonde seems forever associated with carefree summer days and fun at the beach. Elin Kling considers the Swedish version of blonde the most appealing among the many blonde shades. She point to Malin Akerman to make this point. We show hairstyles for all versions of the coveted light blonde hair colour including the new Scandinavian blonde

Blonde hair comes in many shades. Swedish actress Malin Akerman embraces the lightness and perfect shading of Scandinavian blonde hair.

The Scandinavian Shade of Blonde

Elin Kling’s finds that the simplicity of her minimalistic style suits her looks and personality. Her light blonde hair fits into her relaxed style perfectly. She colours her hair in the new shade of Scandinavian blonde. Elin is the ideal representative of the much admired Swedish women with light blonde hair.

The current hair colour of actress Mena Suvari stays on the pale side of blonde. It is a subtle deviation from her former sunny blonde hair. The Swedish version of blonde requires the proper hair pigments in the bluish part of the blonde spectrum. Don’t worry! Your hair will not turn blue! The cool bluish pigments merely compensate for the yellowish pigments in sunny blonde hair to create the pale cool blonde version.

Using silver shampoo helps to maintain the pale shade of Nordic blonde hair. Silver shampoo also nudges the colour of blonde hair toward the now much desired pale blonde.

Light Blonde Hair Comes in Many Versions

There is certainly no scarcity of blonde hair nuances, which range from platinum to golden and caramel blonde. The golden blonde hair of Kate Hudson emphasises her warmth and sunny nature. It is just a tiny colour step away from the traditional Nordic blonde. Warm blonde tones dominate this hair colour, which may include a hint of red.

Mixing a few darker nuances into your light blonde hair helps to show your cool and sassy side in the true rock tradition. Amanda Seyfried certainly has ample expertise in colouring her hair. So far, she coloured her hair red, dark blonde, and platinum blonde. Now, she leans toward a light caramel blonde.