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Ice Blonde: Cool for Autumn

Cool platinum or light Swedish blonde are the hair-lights of the season – these blonde hues brighten up autumn and the hair on trendy heads. Whether long or short, this happening cool-down goes with any haircut! We present the icy looks and reveal why the super-light colours act as a rejuvenation treatment

Indulge yourself with cool blonde: Not only is it refreshing, it also makes you young. You don’t believe us? Just take a closer look at ice blonde hair: It makes us radiant, looks very special and is really hip. Ice blonde is very trendy right now. Popular models and superstars like Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding and Iggy Azalea announce the coming of an ice age that is anything but frosty – it turns up the heat. Because ice blonde hair appears sexy and delicate in one. A promising combination. And versatile too: The cool hue can be entirely cool but also appear very romantic. Depending on the styling (and outfit), the Nordic colouring looks futuristic-modern or elfishly soft. New for the ice hair age: The more matt the colour, the more classy the look!

Ice Blonde: A Striking Hairline

Ice blonde

High contrast: A dark hairline is definitely permitted with the icy colour trend – in fact it makes a styling statement

Caught ice cold: The colour palette ranges from cool Swedish blonde to platinum. Accurate bob, long glamour waves or an impertinent pixie – the icy in-hues present themselves to their best advantage with any haircut. Other positive features of ice blonde: The hue freshens up trendy hair colours like bronde and classics such as honey blonde and brunette. Not to mention that it acts as a rejuvenation treatment! The brilliant, bright hair frames the face almost like a halo. This makes the complexion appear fresher and younger while the brilliance visually softens wrinkles.

Looking for a cool-down? We present ice blonde looks for cool heads:

Ice age: The Many Facets of Ice Blonde