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Honey blonde: Hairstyles and styling

Have you tried it yet? Honey blonde hair is highly desirable again. The colour which is warm and cool rolled into one flatters any complexion. What hairstyles and makeup sweeten the trendy blonde hue? Here is a sampling:

Blonde is not equal to blonde. The wide variety of hues often makes it difficult to choose one. Scandinavia blonde, platinum blonde or perhaps bronde? To make things easier for you, we took a close look at one of the most seductive blonde hues: Honey blonde! This long-time favourite is a worthwhile indulgence among trendsetters right now ...

Gallery: Hairstyles and styling in honey blonde

The hair colour honey blonde

'You can catch more flies with a drop of honey than with a barrel of vinegar' is a familiar adage. That sounds good and is the ideal reason why you should wear the trendy hair colour honey blonde. You will see, with honey blonde hair they will all be flocking to you! 

Who can wear it:
The honey sweet blonde hue looks good on the light spring, the rosy summer and the warm autumn type.

Who should skip it: The cool winter type ought to stay away from the very warm honey blonde, since the hair colour can easily make the Snow White complexion look dull.

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Makeup tips for honey blonde hair

Avoid hard contrasts like black or cool hues like silver and grey in your makeup. Stay true to the warm nuances. Gold, cream and red make your complexion and hair colour shine.
Absolute power look: Nude makeup with kissable signal red lips!