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Golden Blonde – Refine Your Hair

Natural or dyed, golden blonde hair is a real winner. This sublime blonde hue creates a warm, luxurious look – premium care is guaranteed to pay off! We reveal what really makes this first-rate colour trend shine and how even darker hair types can be enriched with a golden hue

Precious treasures need good protection. This is true for a sumptuous hair colour like golden blonde as well: Proper care is essential to maintain its beauty and shine. Here’s how:

Gold Dust For Angel Hair

Make your mane radiant – it starts with washing: Special blonde product series with gold shimmer pigments lend a lustrous finish to the precious metal colour. These rich shampoos and conditioners also smooth the hair surface so it reflects light even better. The result: hair that gleams like pure gold.

Careful, Burnout

Remember to protect your hair before sunbathing. Like the skin, your mane can be damaged by heat and unfiltered UV rays that may even destroy the pigments. This leads to dull, flat hair. Rich UV protection oils and sprays protect your golden hue. A sun hat (best with golden blonde: cream hues & white) is a great way to keep off the sun and also protects your sensitive scalp.

Brushing Guarantees Gloss

Pamper your golden blonde hair with regular soft caresses. Brushing stimulates circulation in the scalp, which in turn promotes the supply of nutrients to the roots of your hair. This keeps your mane healthy, gleaming and supple – really bringing out its rich colour.

Polish, Please

Golden blonde with a brilliant lustre? No problem: Beauty oils with liquid micro-crystals create a spectacular mirror effect. These super care products also nourish the hair and make it velvety soft.

Gold Rush For Dark Hair

Golden blonde

Dark golden blonde is the perfect refinement for brown hair

Not a natural blonde? No worries, even the brown-haired and brunettes can enjoy the luxurious golden look. Since golden blonde comes in various shades just like other colours, you can find the right hue for many hair types. Common colourations for example distinguish between light, warm and dark golden blonde. The latter is ideal for darker hair that is refined with a premium golden sheen.

Colour Contrast For Dark Blonde Hair

You want to invest in trendy gold but worry about recolouring? Knowing you can easily wait a while should set your mind at ease. A dark hairline with light hair is in high demand right now. Trendsetters even get their hair dyed in the cool contrast for a super casual and highly natural appearance. On the other hand, you can simply wait until the dark hairline grows out two or three centimetres. All clear? Time to bring light into the darkness!