Blonde woman with glasses and Blorange hair
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Color trend 2018: Blorange - Blond with a touch of red

Blond continues to be on trend for 2018 . One shade is particularly on point, radiating brightness and warmth: Blorange - Blond with a hint of red. We tell you how to easily get this color, for example in preparation for a party

Blond hair was one of the biggest hair trends of the past year. Very light shades like platinum blond were particularly popular. The great thing about this color: It's the perfect starting point for color experimentation. You have a light shade and love it - but you wouldn't mind a stylish update? Why not try Blorange? The trendy shade is a mix of blond and orange. Because we're currently craving a hair color that delivers summer light and warmth.

How to go Blorange

Model with smartphone and red-tinted hair

Blorange looks fresh and radiates lightness.

Blorange hair is the result of an apricot color or tint applied to blond hair. To find the perfect shade that complements your skin tone, consult a professional.
If you're starting with dark hair, you should also discuss the gentlest way to lighten it with your stylist.

If you're only temporarily changing your hair color to Blorange (maybe for the weekend), you can easily do it yourself. The perfect product: Pastel sprays that tint hair instantly and last up to three washes.

Pastel sprays are easy to use:

  1. Wash hair and put on gloves.
  2. Section hair and apply pastel spray to damp sections. Tip: You can tint part of your hair, for example the ends - or apply the spray all over.
  3. Comb through to spread color evenly.
  4. Blow-dry hair. Use a round brush for extra volume.
  5. Set style with hairspray.

These cuts look good in trendy Blorange

Woman with glasses and Blorange hair

A ray of light? Added by trend shade Blorange!

In general, Blorange looks good in any length. If you have long hair or a long bob, the color looks particularly great if it's applied Ombré style - only through the lengths and tips. Styling hint: Create soft waves with a curling iron, which really brings out the colored tips. Women with short hair can also wear Blorange. In that case, the color should be applied all over.