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Hair like Gold and Honey

Men are partial to blonde hair. This has never been a secret among Hollywood's stars, movers and shakers. Blondes are more likely to be successful in the glamour world. As far as hair care and styling are concerned, golden shades are the most demanding shades of blonde. Sure, blonde hair is naturally beautiful but only the right haircut and style turn blonde hair into a show-stopper. See how blonde celebrities dazzle with their blonde hair. You may find some inspiration for your next hairstyle

According to widely held beliefs, blondes are joyful, sexy and outgoing. The fact is that blonde hair kept fascinating the Western world since time immemorial. Way back in time, blonde was likened to gold and therefore it was considered the hair colour of goddesses and rulers.

On average, blondes have a larger number of hairs than darker-haired persons. This is however not obvious because the individual blonde hair tends to be thinner than darker pigmented hair.

Whether hair is naturally blonde or bleached, the structure of blonde hair is finer and softer than darker hair. Due to the absence of pigments, blonde hair reflects light more effectively. This makes blonde hair appear even finer and shinier.

Blonde Hair: Suitable Haircuts

To give fine blonde hair more volume you should opt for a layered haircut.

Please note: if the hair is cut too feathery your hair may appear even finer. The hair ends should therefore be cut in a blunt way rather than fringed.

Short and chin-long hairstyles require less intense styling and are therefore ideal for blonde hair. Long blonde hair often hangs limb like cooked spaghetti and requires more elaborate styling steps.

Blonde Hair: The Best Hairstyles

It is often necessary to work on adding volume and structure to your hair if it is longer than chin-length. You can achieve this by styling your hair for more volume or including curls or waves into your hairstyle.

The blonde hair colour tends to enhance glamour curls, a chignon, ponytail or braids. Styling blonde hair is therefore extra rewarding.

Your make-up choices should complement your blonde hair. Softer colours look particularly beautiful with light hair. Coral or raspberry red lipstick and beige or pink eye shadow are excellent choices. In terms of fashion the sky is the limit. All colours look great with blonde hair. Warm colours like brown, red, beige and yellow look particularly classy with golden blonde hair while cool blue, grey, red and turquois match platinum blonde hair perfectly.

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