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Hair Highlight: Blonde Bob

Marilyn Monroe made it her exciting, iconic look – icons are wearing it today! The blonde bob is once again highly popular in 2016. From VIPs to star bloggers and trendsetters, the hair hit is everywhere. Meanwhile the famous blonde bob has lost none of its wow effect: sensational, modern, young and worthy of imitation

Short haircuts are generally known as boring. Objection! With Marilyn Monroe you would never think of boredom – so there. Passion is more like it. And much, much more.

The blonde bob is convincing in any form: curly and sensuous, sleek and accurate, or frayed and casual. That is why the short cut is still so popular today. Katherine Heigl, Amy McAdams, Paris Hilton or Michelle Williams – in Hollywood and the here and now, Marilyn Monroe’s trademark look is a popular hairdo role model. With wild waves, glamorous retro curls or exciting layers... The bob? Irresistible for blondes!

From sweet honey to fine vanilla to cool platinum, today’s bob highlight radiates in all blonde nuances and works with a wide variety of haircuts. Colour and styling versatility is exactly the flexibility that makes this hairdo such a success. The blonde bob is timeless and modern.

How does the new blonde bob generation look? We show you our favourite hairdos:

Blonde Bob In Sleek Look

Blonde bob

Straight, sleek, with centre parting – the light blonde bob is very fashionable (seen with Holly Fulton)

Plain sailing: with the ends cut to one length and an exact centre parting, this short cut is very chic and sophisticated. It works best with the blunt cut. The styling is just as no-frills as the cut: after blow drying, a straightening iron is the best way to whip the edgy bob into shape. Be sure to first apply heat protectant! Our tip: use anti-frizz lotion for the final touch. This keeps the hair nice and supple in addition to preventing flyaway hair that could impair the look’s linearity.

Blonde Bob In Layers

Blonde Bob

New style: the blonde bob with fringe in the frayed look (seen with Sacai)

The next level: highly layered with XL fringe and feathery ends, the blonde bob is extremely well received by trendsetters. This casual cut makes the hair hit radiate with a whole new light: super modern, special, unconventional. The hairdo version goes with many popular fashion styles – from sports chic to new romanticism to futurism. Speaking of styling, it is not only stylish but also fast: just blow dry and define individual strands with a bit of styling wax. This completes the undone look.