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Blond, Blonder, Peroxide Blond: These Women Can Wear the Brightest of Blonds

Icons like Marilyn Monroe made peroxide blond famous – and beloved. We reveal how to lighten hair as quickly as possible, and which women this cool blond tone suits

One of the coolest comebacks of late: peroxide blond hair. Streetstyle stars, fashionistas and style icons love this blond tone. We’re also big blond fans. In comparison to peroxide blonds of the past, today’s look is opulent, and – in combination with sharp outfits – super stylish. We reveal what’s important when obtaining the look, and who can wear the cool blond tone. Check out the latest blond trends in our gallery. This is as blond as it gets!  

How to color your hair peroxide blond

This white blond tone owes its name to the high content of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) it contains. During bleaching, color pigments are removed from the hair, resulting in a light finish. Unfortunately – and this is unavoidable – going peroxide blond is going to cause the hair some stress. It’s best to discuss with a professional how your mane can be gently brightened – possibly over several sessions. Blond hair always needs a little extra TLC. Use care products for colored hair, plus a hair mask once or twice a week. Hair oil and special fluids can help care for stressed ends. Tip: use a silver shampoo to combat brassiness.

These women can wear peroxide blond hair

Peroxide blond particularly suits women with a very light complexion. That’s because the fairer the skin, the lighter the hair color can be. Hydrogen blond works well on haircuts with soft contours. Think the classic bob and long bob, also a soft cut pixie with side-swept bangs: these will all look stylish in peroxide blond. When combined with a more extreme style, such as a buzzcut, peroxide blond can look too harsh. However, it can still work: it ultimately comes down to individual style and personality. Women with delicate facial features could rock the look especially well.

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