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Four beauty rules for blonde hair

Cool or sun-kissed – our care tips turn you into a blonde beauty. Dyeing or bleaching your hair blonde is one thing, but caring for blonde hair is another. We’ve got the top care tips for healthy, shiny blonde hair. 

1. Care tips for naturally blonde hair

Natural blondes tend to have very fine hair. These products are perfect for natural blondes:


  • Use a quality brush with rounded bristles.
  • Use a blonde shampoo with ingredients such as chamomile extract for an extra moisture boost and a brighter glow.
  • Leave-in conditioners nourish your hair without weighing it down.

2. Hair care dos for highlights and bleached hair

Chemically bleached hair like Nordic blonde tends to be dry and brittle. Watch out for the following:


  • Avoid hot water when washing your hair.
  • Use a repair shampoo that contains keratin.
  • Regularly apply a hair mask and work it into the tips; leave it to penetrate the hair a little longer by wearing a shower cap.
  • Always apply a heat protection spray before styling.

3. Color shampoos and styling products for blonde hair

Got those nasty yellow tones in your hair? You can get rid of yellowness using a special color styling mousse or a color shampoo. Silver shampoos with purple color pigments neutralize yellow tones and are perfect for warm and cool blonde shades. A professional can correct strong yellowness using a special toner.

4. Summer-proof your blonde hair

UV light, chlorine and salt water can damage bleached hair. But don’t worry! You can summer-proof your blonde mane with these blondie hacks:


  • Liberally apply UV hair spray to avoid your locks drying out due to lengthy sun exposure.
  • Embrace the bathing cap! Granted, the look takes a little getting used to, but bathing caps are great to protect bleached hair from the damaging effects of chlorine or salt water.
  • Can’t get used to the bathing cap? We understand! But be sure to apply lots of UV protection before you head out to the beach or the pool. Hair oils with added UV protection are ideal because they create a protective barrier and avoid water from penetrating the hair.
  • Rinse your hair with tap water after swimming and don’t forget to reapply UV protection. A hat is a stylish way to protect your beach babe mane from too much sun exposure.