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Beach Blonde: The Last-Minute Summer for Your Hair

Summer never lasts long enough? If so, we have something for you: beach blonde, the hottest hair colour of the year. This beauty look brings the sun, beach and holiday feeling to your hair in a trice – all year round if you like it like that! Head to the check-in for holiday hair here, including the best beach blonde examples

Hello sunshine! That is a greeting you should get used to. If you choose the popular beach blonde hair colour, you are sure to hear this compliment more often. The streaked look with various shades of blonde gives both blondes and brunettes an irresistible glow – no matter whether it is natural or conjured up by a professional. But the latter has the extra benefit that nobody can steal away the summer moment in your hair. Not even in autumn or winter.

Heading South! Why We Love Beach Blonde:

  • We look refreshed immediately, radiating relaxation and happiness as though we just had a holiday.
  • A getaway from the everyday: beach blonde brings sunny variety to our manes.
  • Beach blonde hair always looks super exciting, even without being styled.
  • Contouring effect: the sunny highlights bring out the best facial features.
  • Making summer last longer: the trendy hair colour makes you happy all year.

Beach look? Yes please. Visit the gallery to see what else beach blonde can do.

Beach Blonde Hair: Nice to Sea You!

Video: How to Style the Beach Hair Look: