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Beach Blonde Summer Hair for Everybody

A month of sun and salt water creates the most marvellous beach blonde. We like to help you out if a month at the beach is not in your plans for this year but you want to join the hot beach blonde trend anyway. You find all the best tricks and methods below

Sun and salt water have an effect on your hair whether it is black, brown, dark blonde or light blonde. Dependent on the colour, condition and structure of your hair, sunshine and ocean create highlights or an entirely light blonde head of hair. However, sun and ocean are no longer the only way to capture the summer in your hair. Find out how to create the hot summer hair style.

Bleaching: Beach Blonde for Brunettes

De-pigmentation creates the magic of 'summer hair'. The UV portion in the sunlight destroys the colour pigments in your hair and salt water enhances this bleaching effect. Bleaching mimics this summer sun effect. Bleaching your hair using a home application is going to lighten dark brown to black hair by two to three shades; light to medium brown hair turns up to eight shades lighter. Be sure to adhere to the recommended application times to steer clear of panic-inducing surprises.

Beach Blonde: Highlights for Dark to Medium Blondes

Light streaks are pretty and they are typical for the magic the sun works on our hair. Streaks are the perfect solution for medium to dark blondes who want to capture the glorious effects of the summer sun in their hair but do not like to bleach their entire hair. Get one of the special streaking kits to create the look at home. Simply use a brush or applicator to apply the colorant to strands of your hair. The streaks are going to be up to six shades lighter, dependent on the product and your hair colour.

Beach Blonde: Sun-in Spray for Blondes

Are you blessed with naturally blonde hair? If so, you are just one short step away from the beach blonde look of your dreams. Simply use some sun-in spray (spray-in bleach) to put some summer highlights into your hair. Use the sun-in spray or liquid on a few strands of your hair or your entire hair. Each application will turn your hair by about one quarter shade lighter.

Beach Blonde: Pastel Light Reflection in Your Hair

Pastel is the magic word for being fashionably beach blonde. Bright blonde hair and subtle pastel tones combine to thrilling effects. You can achieve this look using colour treatments, which cause your hair to reflect light in pastel colours (pastel luminaire). This effect looks particularly exciting in light to dark blonde hair. 


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