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Styling Black Hair

Actress Jessica Paré (you probably know her from the series Mad Men) and model Edie Campbell demonstrate attractive hairstyles for black-haired women. The elegant hairstyle shown by Jessica Paré is quite intriguing but you may be partial to Edie Campbell’s sassy styling. We show attractive hairdos for black-haired women and provide styling tips

Black hair can look striking. It can be easily styled to express a woman’s style and temperament. Actress Jessica Paré has a knack for carrying off elegant hairstyles while Edie Campbell seems to be ready for action with her sassy dark hair.

Black-Haired Jessica Paré

Styling Black Hair
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From left to right: Jessica Paré with chignon, wavy long bob, sleek hairdo and short round fringes

Actress Jessica Paré is widely known from the highly successful US TV series Mad Men. She certainly intrigues with her beauty and style including the style of her black hair. As expected from a performing artist she pulls all registers to show all her (best) sides by changing her hair and makeup.  

Jessica Paré is Canadian. Her black hair comes in a combination with a light fresh complexion. She looks classy with her large chignon, sporting with her high ponytail, sexy with sleek hair and elegant with glamour waves if she does not show her modern style with soft undone waves or a long bob. Jessica’s hair changes between long and medium long and her parting may be in the middle or on the side, exact or irregular. As Don Draper’s wife in Mad Men we saw her with exactly cut short fringes. However, she prefers to brush the hair over her forehead back or to the side. Usually, her lip colour is deep red for a stunning contrast with her dark hair.

What we like about Jessica Paré’s Hairstyles:
Jessica leaves no room for styling boredom. She knows how to catch our eyes with her style, versatility, her black hair and ever changing hairstyles.

Edie Campbell and her Black Hair

Styling Black Hair
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Edie Campbell presents herself with three different hairstyles, all of them casual. We see her with combed back hair, with long fringes partly covering her eye and with middle parting (left to right)

Model of the Year 2013 Edie Campbell dyed her hair black. The contrast to her pale skin is stunning. Whatever outfit or hairstyle she wears, it will be decidedly casual. Attitude is the model’s middle name. It helps her to give a special note to her mostly undone hairstyles, which match her very casual outfits perfectly. She does not worry about strands of hair escaping from hardly organised hairdos, never straight partings, and she has a penchant for unconventional styles, which some may consider messy. Edie shows the sassy side of black hair with confidence. Her favourite boyish haircut in the 1980s style suits her to a T. She likes to dispense with makeup altogether and often wears outfits resembling casual men’s wear.

What we like about Edie’s Hairstyles:
She gives black hair a sassy, almost rebellious note. Edie’s black hair is modern and without drama. With wild fringes and undone styling she takes black hair to new dimensions, Edie dimensions!