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Go Black: Short Cuts for Black Hair

Black beauties! Black hair is THE eye catcher, and not only in Snow White length – trendy short cuts are just as popular in dark! Find out what makes short cuts in black stand out, how to get a feminine look and how to care for short black hair:

Cleopatra, Coco Chanel and Dita von Teese – these women not only share a sense of beauty but also their hair colour: Black! Sophisticated, exclusive and mysterious: Black hair stands for strong women who know exactly what they want – and usually get it too. Be it a kingdom, a fashion empire or international triumph. Keep going and never stop is their motto. Who wouldn’t want to gain a bit of the self-confidence exhibited by these black beauties? Yet the ladies in black can also afford to lose something – by cutting their hair. A cool short cut is almost better to highlight the ambitious character of the black beauties than a long, magical Snow White mane.

Short Cut: Black Deluxe

With dark hair it is very important for the hairdo not to be too dominant, overwhelming the face. This makes a short cut ideal, balancing the powerful black haired look. Clear cuts (such as the blunt cut) and shapes (like the geometrical cut) also work perfectly with dark hues since the structure of the cut is more striking and intensive compared for example to light hair. Black beauties do not have to forego the frizzy look or a fringe. Quite to the contrary: A messy bubi cut makes them look a few years younger and a fringe instantly adds a seductive note.

For more short cut hits for black hair, visit our gallery.

Short Cuts for Black Hair

Black Hair: Proper Care

Versatile for styling, a bit tricky to care for – if you really want to shine with black hair, your pampering program must be uncompromising. Black hair (natural or coloured) can quickly appear dull and brittle, which means it needs maximum gloss care. 

Care tip 1

Be sure to use shampoo and conditioner tailored especially to black hair for every single washing. Weekly intensive treatments also help keep the exterior hair cuticle closed. This retains the pigments so the colour shines brighter and lasts longer.

Care tip 2

Use a straightening iron every now and then for special radiance. Be sure to apply heat protectant prior to use, and then go for it! Straightening can intensify gloss since light reflects wonderfully off your hair. Your black hair looks fresh and ultra-healthy.

Care tip 3

Apply hair oil for super suppleness and an extra dose of brilliance. Simply work a few drops into the ends and/or apply it to the top hair – for the ultimate brilliant performance!

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