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Beautiful Styles for Black Hair

Some styles look particularly appealing for black-haired women. Our featured stars model the most beautiful of these looks

Celebrities keep surprising us with new hair colours and styles. Quite often, they inspire us to try new looks. Recently, Jessica Stam and other stars sparked our interest in the hair colour black. We wondered what it takes to make black hair look as attractive as the black-haired celebrities we watched.

How to Look Your Best with Black Hair

Black hair looks beautiful! It conveys maturity and the allure of the mysterious and extravagant. Very pale and slightly tanned complexions enhance the appeal of black hair. For optimal effect the dark hair should not overwhelm all other facial features. Dark hair should therefore be kept from falling into your face. A ponytail or plain updo would best accomplish that. Medium length dark hair can be pulled behind the ear on one or both sides. Fringes should not be too long or thick. Long black hair may be allowed to cascade down the back unless you prefer the now very popular side-swept look.

Black hair is more likely associated with stylish elegance than with romantic or playful hairstyles. Therefore, twirled or braided hairstyles tend to look out of style and do not invite admiration.

Simple, plain haircuts and shapes are much more suitable for black hair than playful or romantic styles. Geo haircuts, straight bobs, straight fringes (bangs) or sleek hair are ideal for black hair. Wavy black hair should fall in large, well-defined waves as shown by Lana Del Rey in our gallery of black hairstyles.

We hope our line-up of black hairstyles will inspire you (see the hairstyles of stars in our gallery).

Gallery: Hairstyles for Black Hair

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