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Flat Hair? Here Are The Best Volume Boosters

Droopy, flat and lifeless? When your hair goes limp, the right nourishing treatment can restore its fullness. With our tips and tricks, fine hair is quickly transformed for beauty, fullness and volume. For guaranteed wow-volume: power products, clever cuts and smart stylings

Push your look to a whole new level! These tricks eliminate flat hair for good:

Volume Booster: Products for Full Hair

1. Especially when you are in a hurry, volumising powder is an excellent choice. The innovative formula lifts hair instantly as fine micro-particles fluff it up for more fullness and even absorb grease. The visible result: spectacular volume without sticking. Even fine hair instantly gets added grip and a full structure with this miracle powder.

Application: apply some powder to your palms, rub them together and distribute it in dry hair. For extra volume at the hairline, sprinkle the powder directly onto the hair and massage it in with your fingertips.

2. Mousse is a true all-round hair styling weapon. It makes hair easier to shape, provides added hold and optimally protects against heat. Mousse also makes your hair fuller, even at the hairline. For ultimate performance, choose a product with a special booster complex or collagen push-up effect.

Application: Distribute an approximately walnut-sized amount of mousse (more for very long hair) from the hairline to the ends. The hair should be towel-dried; heat from a blow dryer subsequently intensifies the volumising effect.

3. You have a slightly greasy hairline that quickly goes limp? Then you should definitely give dry shampoo a try. It removes excess grease from your hair and gives it a nice freshness kick. Your hair instantly gains volume, appearing light and airy rather than heavy. Give your hair an extra boost by applying dry shampoo while it is damp. It coats every strand with fine particles, significantly increasing the diameter.

Application: Spray dry shampoo on the hairline from about 20 cm away and let it work for a few minutes. Then carefully massage it in with a towel (or your fingertips if need be). Finally brush everything out thoroughly so no visible residue remains.

4. Applying hair spray every now and then to loosen up your mane is recommended. No matter whether you want to wear your hair open or elaborately styled, just a little works wonders for volume.

Application: apply the spray from about 30 cm away, all along the hairline – upside-down works best. Let it dry briefly before tossing back your hair. You can give the lengths an extra spray for added fullness.

Volume Booster: A Good Trim

Although this may sound odd, scissors can also add fullness. Layered cuts for example loosen up your hair for added pep and movement. Avoid thinning very fine hair too much. Blunt cutting the ends to one length is better here. This instantly makes the hair look fuller and more compact. By the way, this volumising trick also works for all other hair types. In general, it makes sense to cut your hair regularly, thereby reducing its weight. This also prevents the hair from being excessively flattened.

Volume Booster: Styling Power

Blow drying: You can easily 'puff up' your hair by using a round brush for drying. When you blow dry in sections, the warm air reaches the hairline and lower layers of hair much more effectively so the individual hairs pad each other. Styling with a round brush also enhances the hair’s natural bounce, making it appear fuller overall.

Teasing: the perfect technique to emphasise certain sections. If you for instance want more volume on the crown for an updo, you can use a tail comb. Simply part off the strands in question and comb them against the direction of growth. Then brush the teased hair out slightly and secure it with hair spray. The uppermost strands are not teased and lie softly over the hair cushion.

Curling: Waves and curls are the ultimate way to add volume to your hairstyle. Created with a straightening iron, curling iron or hair curlers: curls in your hair guarantee extra fullness.