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Get strong: Hair care tips for thin hair

Size Zero Hair: on your head, the motto is less is more. But you dream of a full, textured, and smooth mane? With these easy care tips, you can give your fine hair more volume. Additionally, we also show you, how you can strengthen your thin hair.

Everywhere on TV, in magazines and on social media you can see women with real dream manes - long, smooth, voluminous, and shiny. Lots of women desire the same even though their natural hair may be rather fine. That is why many are wondering: What helps against thin hair? Can one make thin hair thicker? Even though you cannot change the thickness of your hair, you can make it appear more voluminous. There are some tips and tricks how thin hair can get more volume. We tell you, how you can easily create a flowing mane out of your thin streaks.

The right cleaning for thin hair: washing with a volume shampoo

The right shampoo is important so that your thin hair gets more volume. That is why you should only use products for fine hair. The Schauma Wunderfull Shampoo strengthens your fine hair when you wash it and thickens it in all its layers. Your hair immediately feels more textured and gets more volume. As an additional tip, we recommend you wash your hair twice. This way you can ensure that residue from styling and other products is gone and is no longer burdening your hair.

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With a few tips and tricks you can turn your thin hair into a beautiful mane

Styling: This is how your fine hair gets more volume

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With the right products your fine hair will immediately get more volume

When you come out of the shower, you should first gently dab your hair with a towel. Avoid dry rubbing it, as the hair structure can become damaged.


Blow-dry your hair only when it is almost dry. Use a round brush for that.


Styling mousse and volume sprays can also help you get more volume into your fine hair. It is best if you blow-dry your hair on a low temperature above your head and knead it at the same time. That way your hair will get even more fullness.

The perfect haircut for fine hair

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A trendy short hairstyle helps to make fine hair appear more voluminous

The right haircut for thin hair can work real miracles.


Layers will let your hair immediately look fuller and stronger.


We also recommend short haircuts, as long hair only accentuates the missing volume even further.