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Simple Ways to Stronger Hair

Strong looking hair is within easy reach. We share with you tried and proven ways to stronger hair. Simple tricks will add the desired oomph to your hair

Hair often reflects the way we feel. However, the reverse is also true. Bedraggled looking hair does not exactly put pep into our steps. Luckily, there are easy ways to stronger hair. Eliminating bad hair days does not take secret super weapons. A little care and a few easy tricks will put gorgeous lustre and strength into your hair.

Care and Styling for Stronger Hair

Hair will get stronger if you adapt your hair care to your hair type and use gentle styling methods. In time, as your hair structure improves your hair will become more resilient and look fuller.

Shampooing: The shampoo should be designed to strengthen hair and rebuild damaged hair structures. This will prevent breakage and create the basis for stronger looking hair.

More does not always help more: Use the proper amount of shampoo and hair care products. If too much product coats your hair it will not have any bounce and will resist all styling efforts.

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Drying: Start drying your hair using a blow-dryer at medium heat. Do not yet completely dry your hair. Work a small amount of styling mousse through your still wet hair before you dry it completely using your blow dryer. Your hair will look fuller and have more bounce if you use a skeleton brush to lightly pull your hair away from your scalp while you blow-dry it.

What not to do: Never use a towel to rub your hair dry because this will damage the hair’s outer cuticle layer.

Styling: Use volumising styling products for more volume and bounce. Light sprays with 'push-up effect' are ideal for this purpose but volumising powder also works well. Dry shampoo is also a fast and easy styling aid for the removal of sebum from hair and scalp. This provides an instant volume boost.

Hairspray: If you decide to use hairspray you should lift small strands of hair and apply the hairspray from the underside of the lifted strand. After the styling is complete, apply an additional very small amount of hairspray to the surface.

Styling for Stronger Looking Hair

The proper haircut makes a big difference for the appearance of your hair. If cut the right way, your hair will look fuller and stronger. Layered and soft, fringed haircuts also make hair appear fuller.

Cut the ends of your hair regularly to prevent brittle or split ends. As a result, your hair will look healthier and stronger.

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