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Prevent split ends with these easy suggestions

Healthy and groomed ends are the ultimate eye-catchers of beautiful hair. But balanced care of your hair ends is a requirement. However, you can also prevent split ends with easy life hacks. We show you what little helpers you need to avoid split hair ends.

Are hair ends brittle, split, and damaged, one refers to them as split ends. Especially women with long hair will know them. But we have good news for you: you can save your hair ends with the right hair care products. In our first aid package for split ends, we tell you what you need to do exactly and which hair treatments and rescue serums really help.

Beautifully groomed hair ends are a real eye-catcher

These products help when you want to get rid of split ends

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With special care, you can prevent split ends in long hair

Especially hair ends are being damaged by heat, environmental influences, and rubbing against clothing. That is why they need special treatment.


With intensive hair treatments and rescue serums, you can give them the necessary pampering.


What is more, you can also use them as a regular treatment as well as a preventative hair care measure for your hair ends. The result: always beautiful and healthy hair.

This is how you can prevent split ends easily

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With a hair end rescue serum you will get healthy hair ends

Naturally, the best thing to do is to give your hair the right care in advance so your hair ends do not even become prone to splitting in the first place. An absolute must: getting your hair ends cut regularly.


Shower time? After your shower, only squeeze your hair out very gently with a towel. That way, the hair structure does not get roughened and your ends are protected. A microfiber cloth or an old t-shirt will do the same trick.


You can also wave hair breakage goodbye by brushing your hair with brushes and combs without a weld seam.

Cutting your split ends yourself: this is how you do it

When you cut your split ends, we recommend an anti split end cut, also referred to as hair dusting. You want to cut your damaged hair ends yourself instead? Then you can easily do that at home. Our tip: look for a spot with lots of daylight and look at your hair streak by streak. Either you twirl the streak very tightly and then cut off where you see thin hair coming out of it. Or you put the streak on your middle finger and tense it with your index and ring fingers. That way you can easily see where the split ends are. You can also cut your split ends with sharp hair cutting scissors.


Not enough confidence? Then you can obviously get help from an expert. Your hairdresser will cut your hair with hot scissors and seal your hair that way. The effect of that: enviably beautiful and healthy hair ends.