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Top tips to prevent split ends

All’s well that ends well! We all want healthy hair and well-maintained tips are one of the conditions for a glossy and beautiful mane. A balanced hair care routine is particularly important for your ends. But your maintenance needn’t be expensive – even simple life hacks can help to prevent split ends. We reveal the top tips to banish frizz and split ends.


Split ends often go hand in hand with damaged or breaking hair. Women with long hair will be well-acquainted with the dreaded split ends. But here is the good news: using the right care products, you can save your tips from splitting. Our first aid package shows you what you need to do. We reveal the deep conditioning products and split-end care that really work.

How do split ends develop?

Split ends are the result of a wide range of factors: sun, wind, environmental stressors, heat, styling tools, and aggressive shampoos can all take a toll on your hair. Consequently, the cuticles on the scalp that protect the hair shafts may loosen. As hair loses its protective shield, it can become brittle and dry. When we don’t counteract this process of wear and tear through deep nourishment, the inner hair shaft and its fibers can become exposed and split ends are the result. 

The products that put an end to split ends

The tips of your hair can become easily stressed because of heat, environmental impacts, and friction caused by clothing. That is why they require some extra special TLC. Indulge in a special care program with intensive treatments and special hair tip care. The Beology Repairing Booster Solution seals split ends to stop frizz right in its tracks. You can apply the solution as part of your regular hair care regime or as an intensive treatment to prevent damage to your tips. The result: soft and frizz-free hair. Once a week, reach for a deeply nourishing conditioning mask. It can be a good idea to leave the conditioner to work its magic a little longer. Just wrap your hair in a micro fiber towel while you wait. Micro fibers are gentler on your hair than traditional toweling. The extra warmth helps nourishing ingredients to penetrate the hair more deeply.

Avoiding split ends the simple way

Prevention is the best medicine as they say, and the same is true for split ends. With the right hair care, you can avoid split tips and frizz. A visit to the salon for a regular trim is a must! After showering, carefully squeeze your wet hair with a towel to avoid roughening up the hair structure and damaging the tips. It’s a good idea to invest in a micro fiber towel instead of using a traditional towel. You can also use an old t-shirt to allow your hair to dry in a hair turban. Softer fibers are less straining on your hair. By combing your hair with a special brush or comb, you can help prevent breaking tips.

Cut your own ends: Here’s how to do it

If your hair is frizzy, we recommend a split-end trim, also referred to as hair dusting. Fancy cutting your own damaged tips? You can easily banish damaged tips at home. Find an area that’s flooded with natural day light and inspect your hair – strand by strand. Twirl the hair strand and cut it at the point where split ends poke out. Importantly, only ever use special hair-cutting scissors because kitchen scissors can cause even more damage to your hair.

How to fix split ends – five tips

  1. Don’t want to risk trimming your own tips? Just enlist the services of a professional. Plenty of hair salons offer trimming with “hot shears” whereby the blades of specialist shears are heated before cutting. The heat helps to seal your hair tips. To keep your hair frizz-free long-term, regular visits to the salon are unavoidable.
  2. Heat from blow dryers and hair straighteners can dry out your hair and promote split ends. If possible, try to avoid using these tools and always apply a heat protection product when using them. If you must use a blow dryer, start drying your hair like a professional.
  3. Be kind to wet hair. Detangle it carefully and squeeze it softly with a towel. Try not to rub your wet hair.
  4. When it comes to curly hair and split ends, a light hair oil may be all you need. Rub a few drops between your fingertips and gently massage the oil into the ends of your hair to avoid your tips from splitting further.
  5. Prevent split ends overnight: invest in a silk pillow to sleep on. The soft surface is less damaging to hair than cotton or linen fibers. You can also braid your hair to avoid tangling during sleep.