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Ideal Care for Damaged and Brittle Hair

Has too much styling or frequent coloring left your hair damaged and fragile? We reveal how you can make your hair shine again. Plus: A care program that’s perfect for damaged hair

By the time you notice your hair is damaged, it’s usually been through a lot: Tough times with styling tools, such as brushes, hair driers and curling irons, coloration, bleaching, perming… Even a less-than-great diet can stress your hair out. Sometimes, a simple lack of proper care is to blame. The hair is dried out, its cuticle is rough, brittle areas emerge, and the ends split.

The right care for damaged and brittle hair

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With the right care routine of shampoo, conditioner and mask, damaged hair can be radiantly beautiful again!

Treat damaged hair like you would a delicate, filigree dandelion seed head: Keep it away from anything which could cause additional damage. When washing, be sure to use a shampoo from a line for damaged hair. Wet well and gently massage the shampoo into the hair. Don’t rub it vigorously. This will make it more difficult to comb through later. Rinse thoroughly. After washing, you should definitely treat your hair to a conditioner or a mask. When applying it, pay particular attention to stressed lengths. Allow it time to work, and rinse again thoroughly. Even better: The Reverse Washing method, where you flip the order in which you shampoo and condition. Read more about it here.

What's good for damaged hair

Certain ingredients in shampoos and other care products often prove to be heroes for damaged hair. If hair is fragile and stressed, moisturizers such as aloe vera, panthenol, glycerin or silk proteins can help rescue it. For already damaged hair, plant-derived oils and proteins are your nourishing repair specialists. Active ingredients such as macadamia nut oil, argan oil, shea butter or wild rose oil envelop individual strands with a wafer-thin protective film, which smooths the cuticle layer. Result: The hair looks healthy and shiny again.

Gentle styling for damaged hair

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Plant-derived oils and silk proteins deliver shine to hair.

After washing, hair is swollen and therefore particularly vulnerable to external damage. Wrap your hair gently in a towel to pre-dry it. Then comb it with a wide-toothed comb. Tip: If you hold each section near the roots as you comb, there will be less tension on the hair. Reaching for the hair dryer, curling iron or flat iron? It’s best to avoid these if your hair is damaged. Air drying is gentlest on hair. No time for this in the morning? Set your hair dryer on full blowing power – but no hotter than medium heat. This will keep your drying time – and exposure to damage – as brief as possible. Styling tip: If you want to create soft waves, wild curls or a smooth style, there is a gentler way. Discover how here. Treatments such as coloring do further damage to already damaged hair. This is especially true for bleaching and perming. Switch to a toner as an alternative way to add color to your hair.

Cut off damaged hair

If you’re suffering from split ends, special end treatment fluids can help smooth these and make them look less frizzy – at least temporarily. Simply knead a few drops into towel-dried hair and dry as usual. You can further improve the appearance of split ends by briefly blow drying them underneath using a round brush. And when split ends get beyond repair: You’re better off parting ways with an inch or two at the hairdresser. Long-haired women can be pretty attached to their hair – especially to the length. But your hair will thank you with a healthier glow and more volume. Trust us – and trust the hairdresser to cut off what needs to go. Because one thing’s for sure: It’ll grow back!