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Modern Hair Care: from Damaged to Vibrant Hair

Dull looking, dry hair with split ends is in dire need of more or different care. However, there is no need to worry. Our hair care and styling tips will restore your hair to its natural beauty in no time at all

Environmental influences like heat, sun, and wind can damage hair. Once the cuticle layer around each hair is damaged, hair easily loses its moisture leaving it dry and brittle.

Help for Damaged Hair

Certain hairstyles like curls, braids or a sleek style give your hair a break from blow-drying and heated styling tools.

Special hair care products will help your hair recover quickly from damaging influences. The choice of shampoo is especially important. Shampoos for damaged hair contain ingredients, which repair and regenerate hair. Such repair ingredients are for example oils, keratin, and panthenol.

In addition, be sure to use a conditioner for damaged hair. Such conditioners seal the hair after shampooing and will protect hair from additional damage.

Apply a small amount of hair oil to your dry or wet hair on a daily basis for silky shine.

Do not use scrunchies with metal parts for a while because they will cause additional damage to your hair.

Modify your hairstyle daily. This allows your hair to recover without being damaged in always the same places over and again.

Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Usually, damaged hair lacks moisture, lustre, bounce, and volume. Under such conditions, wearing updos works well and allows your hair to recover. In the following, we describe two hairstyles, which are particularly suitable for the transition from damaged to healthy looking hair.

The Chignon

Damaged Hair
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Model Jessica Gomes and actress Hayden Panettiere wear a high chignon with plenty of volume in the backs of their heads

First, wash your hair using shampoo for damaged hair. After working conditioning products through your hair, twist the still moist hair into a chignon anywhere in the back of your head. The conditioning substances can then beautify your hair while you pursue your daily activities.

Tip: Do not twist your hair too tightly. Undone looking chignon styles are particularly popular and avoid too much tension on hair and scalp. Apply an extra portion of conditioning spray on the styled chignon. You will notice the extra shine when you undo the chignon.

Braided Hairstyles

Damaged Hair
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Actresses Berenice Bejo and Laura Osswald braided their long hair. These styles can give your hair the needed reprieve

Braiding your hair achieves two goals. Styling does not require the use of damaging styling tools and most of your hair is not exposed to environmental influences such as sun, heat, and wind. Braiding the still moist hair is also a way to create waves without the use of heated styling tools.

Tip: Wash your hair using shampoo for damaged hair. Then loosely braid the still damp hair and arrange the braid as desired. You may like to unravel the hairstyle just a little bit. Finally, apply conditioning spray to the braid and especially to the hair ends.

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