regularly trimming the ends does not stimulate hair growth
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Hair myth: regularly trimming the ends does not stimulate hair growth

Snip, snip, cut off those ends and your hair will grow much faster! Or will it? Have you heard people say that regular trimming stimulates hair growth? And have you wondered if it's true? We know the answer 

And the answer is: no! Regularly cutting the ends of your hair does not make it grow faster. However, it does make your hair seem thicker, as well as healthier and shinier. So you should get your hair trimmed about 1 cm every eight to ten weeks by a hairdresser. That way, you avoid split ends – not only because you cut them off, but also because hair ends that are shoulder-length or longer break more easily. No wonder: the hair at your shoulders is about three years old and has been through a lot (blow drying, chilly winters, sun's rays). Don't worry about cutting off 1 cm: your hair grows on average 1 to 1.5 cm each month, so it will still get longer even with regular trims.

How hair growth is stimulated

So if regularly trimming the ends doesn't make your hair grow faster, is there a secret tip that does work? Well, what do you know, there is! It's "zinc." The mineral protects the hair root from inflammation and helps keep the scalp healthy. And it also stimulates hair growth. So if you like cheese and nuts, you'll be on the way to making the long hair of your dreams come true!