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Enjoy Your Vacation! Holiday Hair Care Products

Summer, sun, beaches and the ocean spell leisure and fun. There is nothing better than this. Pack the right hair care products, and you can savour this precious time even more. Check below for the must-have products in your beauty case this year

Vacation activities expose the hair to quite a bit of stress. Sun, wind, salt water or chlorinated water in the pool can damage the hair cuticles. This applies in particular to already vulnerable dyed, bleached or permed hair. Just a little more stress is going to make sensitive hair look straw-like, dry, stressed and dull. However, you can increase your hair’s resilience before and during vacations. After every shampoo your hair deserves TLC in the form of conditioners or a conditioning rinse. A leave-in hair cure is ideal when time runs short right before the vacation. Leave-in hair treatments are simply sprayed into the hair and don’t have to be rinsed out. Split end fluids with whisper fine silicone oils work wonders on the rough ends of hair and can make hair look healthier on the spot while also protecting the hair from the bleaching effects of the sun.

Safeguards for Your Hair

Hair does not get sunburned but your scalp does. If your hair is relatively fine and light the sun may easily burn your scalp. UV rays bleach hair whether or not you dye your hair. Special sun protectant hair sprays not only save hair and scalp from the damaging effects of the sun they also prevent bleaching. Best apply the sun protection to your hair before leaving the hotel room. This protects you on your way to the beach or swimming hole as well.

Clever Maintenance

After a gorgeous day at the beach, it's time to give your hair a break from the sun, salt or chlorine. Especially mild after-sun shampoos are ideal for this purpose. They gently clean the hair and provide the sun-stressed hair with much needed moisture. Why not treat your hair to a conditioning mask while you enjoy watching the evening tide and get a head start on a special evening. The proteins, silk extracts and botanical oils in these hair masks repair hair damage in a matter of a few minutes. Balsamic oils with precious plant lipids repair longer and curly hair. Simply work the oil through your hair before braiding straight hair or simply wearing wavy or curly hair open. Leave the precious oil in your hair overnight to get the full benefit of the precious ingredients, while you slumber and dream of lazy days ahead.

Vacation Elegance and Style

While you have a romantic dinner under palm trees, your hair should look its best. Of course, the styling should not take too much effort. Wet gels are a trendy way to style short hair fashionably close to the scalp. You can use styling gel to give a stepped shag the new undone (but well structured) look. Your long hair will appear sleek and puristic after using just the tiniest trace of wax for special lustre. Anti-frizz products do magic on sun-damaged or unruly hair. Simply apply the anti-frizz product to the towel-dry hair before air-drying or blow-drying it.

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