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Goodbye to split ends: hair dusting

Split ends: the longer your hair is, the more likely you are to have them. And then all you can really do is get them cut off – a difficult decision if you’re trying to grow your hair. Now, a new cutting technique called “hair dusting” seems to offer a real alternative – only the split ends are trimmed, nothing else. Curious? Read on

For most women, split ends vie with dandruff for the ultimate hair horror. Whether or not you color your hair, blow-dry or straighten it, sooner or later the ends will split, once it’s grown to a certain length. Coloring and styling aren’t the only culprits: hot sun also causes splitting – or even your hair rubbing against your back or shoulders. So what can you do? Good old scissors are still the best solution, along with special care products for stressed ends. But that’s hard for those of us who are trying to grow our hair, clinging on to every precious millimeter. This is where the cutting technique called “hair dusting” comes into play.

What is hair dusting?

The best thing about hair dusting is that you don’t lose any of the length, just the damaged tips. These are cut off vertically, working along the entire length of the hair. For best results, first of all the hair is straightened (the technique can work on curly hair, too): when the hair’s smooth, split ends are more visible, as they stick out from the rest. In the struggle against split ends, hair dusting is actually more effective than simply chopping off a couple of centimeters because ends are often split much higher up the hair shaft, not just at the longest part. Hair dusting deals with the entire length of the hair so all the split ends can be removed.