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How to Clean Your Hair Now: Reverse Washing

There’s a new hair washing trend that’ll leave your hair lightweight and radiant: Reverse washing. We reveal what this method is all about, which hair types it’ll work for, and explain the advantages of reverse washing

Anyone who has fine hair or hair that quickly becomes oily knows this scenario all too well: Your freshly washed hair barely makes it to the end of the day before it starts looking stringy and limp. But now there’s an easy fix that you can integrate into your everyday (well, your shampooing) routine, to make quick-to-dirty, flat hair a thing of the past. It’s called reverse washing. It’s super easy: reverse washing simply puts the conditioner before the shampoo.

Why reverse washing is ideal for fine hair

Conditioner can often weigh hair down – particularly fine hair. When washing hair, if you first apply conditioner and then shampoo, excess conditioner will be washed away, leaving less to weigh the hair down. The hair has still been moisturized, but excess moisture has been removed. The reverse washing principle can also be applied when using a hair mask: First let the mask work on hair, then follow up with a shampoo. This prevents fine hair from being over-conditioned.


Reverse washing is not just for fine hair. Curly hair can benefit, too. When curls are not weighed down by excess conditioner, they’ll be springier and hang even more beautifully.

Here’s how to properly reverse wash your hair

For optimally cleansed fine or curly hair, there are a few more techniques to employ, besides flipping your shampoo-and-condition routine. When using conditioner or a hair mask: Apply the product to the lengths and ends of your hair only. This will help prevent the scalp from becoming oily too rapidly. Use a hazelnut-sized portion of shampoo to cleanse. Pro tip: Lather, rinse – and repeat! This will ensure all styling product residue is removed from the hair. To finish, thoroughly rinse the hair with water, ideally until the hair squeaks slightly. Always wash your hair with lukewarm water: Any hotter will dry it out.

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