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Hair Treatments: Extra Care for Vibrant Hair

Sun and heat take their toll on our hair and so does Ol' Man Winter with his arsenal of storms, snow, and cold spells. Heated air adds extra stress for our hair. Wide selections of hair care elixirs help us repair and protect our hair through the seasons. They also prevent the occurrence of hair damage in the first place. We like to help you weatherise your hair

It is best to weatherise your hair before the heating season starts in winter or the dog days of summer take their toll on our hair. Dry heated air is particularly hard on hair; hats and caps rank a close second in terms of ruining the hair style. Flat or dry, fly-away hair is often the result. Hair needs tender loving care to protect against extreme environmental conditions. Convenient hair treatments come in the shape of rinses, oils, and elixirs. They are designed to weatherise our hair, and they can prevent or repair damaged hair.

The Proper Use of Hair Treatments

To get the most benefits out of your hair treatments you need to apply them properly. Use hair treatments once a week instead of conditioner to effectively weatherise your hair. Of course, severely damaged hair responds well to more frequent applications.

Using a wide-toothed comb is the best way to evenly distribute hair treatments throughout your still damp hair. Combing the treatment through your hair ensures that every single hair benefits from the treatment. Toward the ends, hair is older, contains less sebum and is therefore more prone to damage. Therefore, it is best to first apply the hair treatment to the ends of your hair.

Once you have applied the hair treatment, wrap your hair in a warm towel. The package insert tells you how long you should allow the hair treatment to unfold its benefits. The warmth softens the cuticle layers of the hair so that the active ingredients can easily penetrate the outer hair shafts. After the leave-in time, thoroughly rinse out the hair treatment. If the water in your area is hard you should use a bottle of mineral water as the final rinse. This will bring out the lustre in your hair.

Hair Treatment Tips & Tricks

For a particularly intensive treatment, work the hair treatment into your hair strand by strand and from the roots to the ends. While this method takes a little more effort, it guarantees that the hair treatment completely covers every single hair. This makes the hair treatment even more efficacious. .

The hair treatment is particularly efficacious if you apply it early in your day and then gather your hair into a chignon allowing the treatment to remain in your hair all day long. Rinse your hair thoroughly after the long-time treatment.

Practical restorative hair treatments can be applied as spray and left in the hair without rinsing. The oil content in these leave-in treatments is relatively low and they therefore don't weigh down your hair. These treatments are also well suited for fine hair.

For a quick emergency treatment distribute a small amount of hair treatment in the palms of your hand and massage it into the hair ends. Rinsing is not required in this case.

Hair Treatments for Every Problem

Hair treatments can perform magic. They provide moisture, make it easier to comb your hair, leave your hair soft and supple and prevent frizz. There is a solution for every hair problem using the available rinses, oils or elixirs.

Hair Problem: dry hair. Remedy: Intensive hair treatments replenish the hair's moisture reserves and restore the balance.

Problem: frizz. Remedy: Leave-in hair treatments prevent fly-away hair.

Problem: split ends. Remedy: To seal the split hair ends apply a hair treatment with regular leave-in time. Be sure to thoroughly work the treatment into the hair ends.

Problem: itchy scalp. Remedy: Regular hair treatments also provide moisture for the scalp. This prevents dryness as well as dandruff because skin flakes are more likely to form under dry scalp conditions.

Problem: hair breakage. Remedy: A deep repair treatment fills in tears and provides the components needed to rebuild the hair structure.

Problem: kinky hair. Remedy: Special components smoothen the hair surface and by doing so they provide healthy silky shine.

Simple styling tricks turn damaged hair into a full head of silky hair. In his video, Armin Morbach shows you how to work this magic:

Video: Turning Damaged Hair into a Full Head of Silky Hair