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Hair myths: daily washing is bad for the hair

Have you heard people say that daily washing is bad for the hair? Ever wondered if there’s any truth behind this stubborn rumor? We’ve done the research and can now tell you whether you need to feel guilty if you wash yours every day – plus we’ve some clever tips for your hair-washing routine

Is it true or not that daily washing is bad for the hair? Actually it’s not: nowadays, shampoos are specially designed to be used every day. The belief that daily washing dries the hair or makes it greasy comes from the time before shampoos contained specially mild surfactants and gentle formulas. So Granny’s well-meaning advice that “once a week is enough” is way out of date! Today’s shampoos remove excess sebum and dirt without harming the hair’s natural protective acid mantle. Since this protective film regenerates within a day, you can wash your hair every day without problems.

Create a routine that suits your hair

However, the news that daily washing doesn’t damage the hair doesn’t mean it’s necessary. There are no hard and fast rules: daily hair washing is a “can” not a “must,” and more frequent washing is only required if your hair tends to be greasy.

Women with fantastic hair are doing it right

Ladies: while it doesn’t really matter how often you wash your hair, there are five golden rules to remember. (Because after all, every single one of our approximately 100,000 hairs wants to be squeaky clean and glossy!)

  1. Before washing, comb your hair carefully to remove any hair spray or gel build-up.
  2. Choose a shampoo to suit your hair type and needs (color protection, volume, anti-dandruff, etc.).
  3. Always rinse your hair carefully to remove shampoo because foam residue can irritate the scalp.
  4. Finish with a cold rinse to close the cuticle layer and promote shine.
  5. Massage the scalp gently when washing. This encourages the sebaceous glands and ensures that the hair is well lubricated.
  6. Finally, use a conditioner: this protects against drying and makes your hair soft and shiny.
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