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Winter Takes A Toll On Your Hair

The winter months tend to take a toll on our precious locks: From frizzy, static hair, to dry, split end and an itchy scalp – these are all things we can do without. Don’t worry, Schwarzkopf’s got your back…

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Imagine immediate combability and static-free hair in winter.

Winter hair dilemmas

Let’s take a look at what winter could have in store for us and what we should prepare ourselves for.

Dry, itchy scalp
Unfortunately, your skin won’t come out of winter unscathed either. Just like your hair, it can dry out. When the skin happens to be your scalp, the itchiness can seem even worse as well as leading to dandruff flakes forming. Moisturizing conditioners and deep conditioning treatments are the way forward and will get that itchy scalp under control in no time.

Static hair
Air loses a lot of its moisture in winter, causing your hair to pick up an electric charge, which leaves it unruly and hard to style. Not to mention all the friction from pulling your hat and scarf off several times a day. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that cater to your hair type will tame any flyaways. For extra smoothness, consider running some leave-in hair oil through your locks before you leave home.

Dry, brittle hair
Dry, brittle hair is a common problem during the winter months. The cold, windy weather, low humidity, and fluctuating temperatures are all factors that contribute to dry hair. The effects may even be more noticeable if you have curly hair, since this type of hair is usually more prone to dryness. Nourishing hair masks and laying off the blow dryer can really help.

Tangled hair
As the colder temperatures descend upon us, it’s normal to layer up with your matching scarf, gloves, and bobble hat, but your poor locks are getting pulled around all over the place. It’s no wonder knots start to form, which can lead to mats if you don’t sort them out quickly enough. To avoid this happening, tie your hair back in a bun so less of it is exposed, resulting in less friction.

Weak hair
As well as chilling us to the bone, winter winds can also weaken fine hair, making it prone to breakage. Keeping your hair nourished and healthy is the best defense against breakage. Make sure to condition your hair regularly, detangle it properly, and air dry as much as possible to prevent breakage.

Dull hair
The effects of a dry, cold winter can also affect your hair color, leaving it looking dull and a world away from its original vibrant appearance. Your hair simply needs hydration and you’ll see that well-known shine and bright color come back in no time.  

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Look forward to frizz-free curls without the crunchiness!

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