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Sun Protection for Hair

Go raid your cosmetics and see how many different sun screen lotions, crèmes, and sprays you find! How about sun protectant for your hair? Did you find anything to protect your hair from excessive sun exposure? See how you can keep your hair radiant and healthy while you enjoy sunny days outdoors

Summer beckons with carefree days, glorious sunshine, and fun outdoors. Gone are the winter blues, the light and warmth of the sun nourishes our souls and all our senses. In contrast, the life-affirming sun is pure stress for our hair. The rays of the summer sun as well as the wind caressing our hair also destroy the protective lipid layer around each hair. Soon your hair will show the effects. It feels rough and dry like straw and not even the rays of the most brilliant summer sun are reflected from the dull hair surfaces.

Sunlight tans our skin. As we enjoy the sun, the skin supplies darker protective pigments. The exact opposite applies to hair. The sun bleaches the pigments in the hair whether they are natural or artificial pigments.

Here is the good news: Your hair does not have to dry out in the summer sun and its colour does not have to fade. The proper sun protectant for your hair will prevent all this. Now you can enjoy the summer sun without a hat and still have healthy, radiant hair.

The Proper Sun Protection for Your Hair

The time to apply sun protection to your hair is all summer long before the strong summer sun with its UV rays can do any damage. Simply make it part of your routine to apply sun protectant to your hair after every shampoo.

Convenient sun protectant sprays allow you to protect your hair from excessive sun exposure before you go outdoors, while you engage in summer fun, and after sun exposure. The spray provides every individual hair with a fat-free protective coating. Heat protectant sprays protect the hair against UV damage as well.

Evenly apply sun protectant at least 30 minutes before you go outdoors to engage in summertime activities. Using a brush or a wide-toothed comb helps to distribute the sun protectant evenly throughout your hair.
Sun protection is not only important for the hair but also for the scalp. The scalp is quite sensitive and is therefore quickly burned by the summer sun. Therefore, you should make sure to apply sun protectant to the parting as well.

How to Provide UV Protection for Your Hair

Have the ends of your hair cut before the swimming season starts. Split ends soon turn into split hair. The newly exposed hair ends are stronger and more resistant to all kinds of stress.

After each swim, make sure to remove all salt or chlorine from your hair to minimise damage. Simply rinse your hair with sweet water. If a shower is nowhere in sight, simply pour a bottle of non-carbonated mineral water over your hair.

Make sure to use a very mild shampoo after a day in the sun.

It pays to mind the signals our skin sends us. If the skin feels tight, then it is also time to provide moisture for your hair. At least once a week, you should treat your hair to a nurturing cure. Such treatments restore the moisture balance and revitalize scalp and hair.

Do you wish somebody had told you all this before the sun robbed your hair of lustre and volume? We have a cure for sun-damaged hair as well. Anti-frizz products work particularly well as moisturisers and cure for fly-away or frizzy hair.

The sun further lightens bleached hair. Beware: Chemical reactions of bleached hair with copper ions or chlorine in swimming pool water may put a green tinge into your blonde hair. We are almost sure that you won’t like that green hair, and we are therefore happy to help out with a remedy: Dissolve one Aspirin tablet in 35 liquid ounces (one litre) of water and rinse your hair with the solution.

Eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Vitamins A and B as well as other nutrients help keep your hair strong and healthy.

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