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Après Soleil: Sun Protection for Beach Hair

Sun care for hair! Sun, sand and salt water can be very hard on your hair. But dryness, split ends and colour loss do not stand a chance with the right after-sun care. So your dream holiday is guaranteed to leave your dream mane undamaged! These sun protection products definitely belong in your luggage

Summer safety: We always have sunglasses, cream, a hat and umbrella ready to protect us from the sun. But our hair is also at risk. As beautiful and relaxed as the holiday may be, sunshine, sea salt and pool water also have their shady side. They can rob hair of its moisture, coarsen the texture and destroy pigments. After-sun care is of special importance to make sure your hair goes through summer unscathed. Find out which sun protection products are suitable to care for and pamper your hair:

Sun Protection for Beach Hair: Shampoo

Clean and nourished: After every dip in the pool or ocean, rinse your hair with plenty of water (cool if possible). This removes most salt, sand and chlorine residue which stresses hair in addition to sun exposure. A soft wash is on the agenda in the evening: Mild shampoo is ideal for summer hair and scalp. A pampering, nourishing care product series that de-tangles hair, making it easier to comb, should also be in your toilet bag. Is your mane dyed? Then pack a suitable colour version into your beauty case – to maintain colour brilliance and protect against bleaching.

Sun Protection for Beach Hair: Hair Masks

The full package: We care for sun-stressed hair! Intensively regenerating masks provide extra care and repair the hair structure. Once again, moisturising products are the perfect wellness programme for thirsty beach hair. Inner values are especially important here – vitamins and oils are beneficial nutrients for beautiful beach hair.

Sun Protection for Beach Hair: Moisturising Spray and Hair Oil

Top class: Finally, pamper your lengths and ends with moisturising spray – this makes the hair especially supple. The intensive care of nourishing hair oil lends extra gloss to your hair. Innovative formulas build up hair without making it heavy. The highlight: Neither product needs to be rinsed out at the beach, so they really have time to work – like a handy leave-in treatment!

Clear as day: Care for your hair helps it stay healthy all summer!