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UV Protection: Let the Sun Shine on Your Hair!

Of course, you know how skin care and UV protection go together like summer, beaches and fun. Many forget to include their hair in this protection. However, the hair needs UV protection and extra TLC just like the skin especially when it is exposed to intense sunlight. Read on, we want you to have the hair of your dreams this summer

Sun Protection for Your Hair

Basking in the sun: Big sun hats protect the hair perfectly

While hair does not get sunburned, it is still damaged by the sun, wind, salt water or chlorinated pool water. Exposure to these elements disturbs the otherwise smooth cuticle layer of the hair. As a consequence, the hair gets dryer, rougher and more brittle to the point of appearing straw-like. The hair’s colour pigments are bleached out at the same time. Luckily, this is not inevitable. Simply use our winning hair care strategies along with some clever UV guards and your hair will be as splendid as summer’s glory.

Push-Button Sun Hats

Ideally, hair should never be exposed to intense UV light. This applies particularly to the midday sunlight between 11 AM and 3 PM. Sun hats, sun bonnets, caps and bandanas provide great UV protection. If head wear is not your cup of tea you can still use hair spray with UV guards. Both hats and hair spray protect against UVA and UVB rays, keep more moisture in the hair and prevent bleaching. It is best to use the UV-protective hair spray before leaving the house rather than after your arrival at the beach, the park or on the tennis court.

Diving and Swimming without Unpleasant Surprises

Seawater or pool water can be pretty hard on hair. After a swim in the ocean, salt crystals may form in your hair and increase the damage to your hair. The crystals work like tiny burning glasses, which bundle and focus the sun’s rays. Whenever possible, you should therefore rinse your hair under a fresh water shower after a swim in the ocean. In a pinch, a bottle of fresh water without carbonate will do the trick. Pool water has its own hazards for hair. Disinfectants like chlorine or copper may turn blonde or grey hair green. Here is a quick remedy: Dissolve three regular Aspirin tablets in a litre (1 ¾ pints [UK]) of water and soak your hair in this solution for one hour. Then thoroughly rinse with tap water. You could also cover the green tinge by using a colouring shampoo. A reddish or gold nuance works well for this purpose.

Summer Fun without Bleaching Your Hair

Sun bleaches natural and artificial hair colours alike. You can protect the colour pigments in your hair by using a colour guard hair care series with built-in UV filters. Such shampoos, rinses, masks and hair sprays are made to protect against the summer sun. Conditioning agents bring brilliant colours back to your hair by infusing it with proteins and vitamins, while antioxidants and light filters protect the hair pigments from the bleaching effects of the sun.

Hair Care after Sunbathing

After a long day in the sun or at the beach, you should gently care for your hair in the shower. Special after-sun shampoos and conditioners are particularly gentle and provide moisture for your hair after a long sunny day outdoors. They also contain natural oils for even more supple and shiny hair. In case the ends of longer hair are slightly damaged, you can apply some hair spray, which temporarily repairs split ends. Your hair is going to look healthier for it. In any case, it is a good idea to cut your hair by about a centimetre (0.4") after prolonged sun exposure to stop split ends from getting worse and also to give your hair more bounce.

Nature’s Protection (Fruits and Vegetables)

During the summer months your food should contain especially generous amounts of vitamins C and E as well as beta-carotene. As effective antioxidants they neutralize the free radicals, which are more numerous in bright sunlight. Otherwise, these free radicals damage or destroy cells. Particularly rich in antioxidants are fruits, berries and vegetables, such as apricots, berries, grapes, broccoli and spinach.

UV Protection for Your Hair: Six Hard and Fast Rules