Young woman with long, blond hair looking sideways, wearing a light gray hat, red lipstick and a knit coat with a fur collar.
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Hat-Hair: First Aid for Undercover Hair!

We love winter, with its dancing snowflakes and crystal-clear air. But the cold, along with dry centrally heated air and knitted caps can sure do a number on hair. As with every hair problem, we’ve got a solution. Use our SOS tips to quickly refresh your ruffled hat-hair

Since your body loses much of its heat via your head, stylish, warm headgear is essential in winter. But what about when you take your hat off? Your hairstyle is likely to be either completely flat, or made up of wild, uncontrollable flyaways – or worse, both of the above. Here we have tips to rescue your winter ‘do. 

Prevention with care

Centrally heated air and frequently wearing a hat can make hair rough, sensitive and brittle. Prevention is better than cure, so give your locks an extra helping of moisture. Use a conditioner after shampooing and spoil your hair once a week with a soothing mask. This will smooth the hair and prevent it becoming porous. Important: Blow dry your hair as gently as possible – it’s best to use only medium heat. After all, it’s already being exposed to enough dry, heated air. Also, ensure that you brush all styling product residue out of your hair before bed, so that your hair can recover overnight. If you suffer from extremely dry hair, you can knead a little hair oil into your ends to keep them from drying out. And to combat a dry scalp, special tonics or solutions for problem scalps can help.

Before you put on your hat

Avoid your hairstyle falling flat when you remove your hat by:

  • Using a volumizing blow dry hairspray
  • Always blow drying your hair upside down.


This will add extra volume and help you avoid sudden style collapse. Avoid teasing your hair to achieve volume, as teased areas tend to just get flattened under your hat and can then look scruffy. Tip: Special volume powders or a spritz of dry shampoo will provide an additional volume boost.

When you take off your hat

Knead your hair slightly at the roots as soon as you remove your hat. Flip your head upside down and brush through hair, then bring your style back into shape with a little wax or hairspray. A styling cream should be a constant companion in your bag in winter, as these are easy to work into your hair, and won’t weigh it down.  

Flyaway hair

Got an annoying static charge in your hair that’s causing flyaways? This is caused by friction, dry heated air and a lack of moisture. Brushes and combs made of plastic or metal will just make things worse. Use a comb made of natural wood or bone to quickly tame staticky hair. Still got a little hair sticking out here and there? Tame it with some styling cream: Simply spread a small amount in your palms and gently stroke over your hair. Special care spray-in products and anti-frizz serums can also help you get things under control. Apply prior to blow drying to tame hair before it takes on a life of its own.

The right fit

Got sensitive hair that collapses under pressure? Next time you buy a hat, choose your style carefully. Avoid seams that could leave indentations in your ‘do. And size up – your hairstyle will thank you.