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Insider tips and tricks for caring for colored hair

Newly colored hair can make you feel like you’ve got a certain something about you, a je-ne-sais-quoi that can give you a little (or large!) confidence boost. However, people often get intimidated by getting their hair colored for the first time – and a big part of that concern is about keeping colored hair fresh. Or perhaps you’re a pro at dyeing your hair yourself, so you’ll know that getting the right hair care routine can take time and research. Whilst it is true that colored hair does need a little bit of extra attention, it can be well worth the effort and even give you another moment of me-time if you get it right. Here are our best tips for looking after your fabulously colored locks.

Good hair hygiene

Less is more! A healthy, hygienic hair routine does not equal more hair washing. If you love or perhaps feel the need for a daily shower, invest in a shower cap to protect your hair from continued exposure to hot water (and the chemicals and minerals in your shower water, which can be damaging to hair if overexposed). Colder water is also better for hair – but we realize that cold showers are rarely appealing, which is why we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve.

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Before: Dry, brittle hair in need of pampering

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After: Sleek, shiny and manageable hair

Combat daily stressors

One reason why getting a new color is so fun is because of how creative it allows you to be. The same can be said for different styles of hair: bouncy curls, dead straight, wavy, or beach-bum style tousles. Unfortunately, heat styling is not particularly friendly to hair, especially if it has already been a little dried out from bleach. If you can, find heat-free alternatives to style your hair, or get a good quality leave-in conditioner. However, even if you don’t heat style at all, environmental factors such as pollution and UV rays will still take their toll on your hair. Using products with UVB/UVA protection can help, as well as getting regular trims so your hair doesn’t look tired and over-exhausted. 

Prevention is better than cure

The best way to ensure you avoid damaged, dry hair is to maintain a good hair care routine. This starts before you notice a lot of damage to your tresses (although it’s never too late to start, so don’t worry!). Using the right products from day one after coloring can help prevent some of the main hair-color offenders: Fading and breakage.


The haircare product that everyone uses most regularly is shampoo, and if you want to care for your hair at all, a good conditioner is a must have. The right shampoo for colored hair will help combat fading, and choosing a shampoo that is not suited for colored hair will end up with you washing money down the drain, quite literally, as the expensive dye will be washed out too quickly. Colored hair is a bit more sensitive to breakage, so the conditioner you pick should ensure good combability, so that your hair doesn’t snap when you brush and style it. An ideal combination to care for colored hair is Schwarzkopf’s own GLISS Color Guard range. These products have UVA and UVB protection, as well as being optimized to prevent color fading. This shampoo and conditioner will actually protect your hair against the regular wear-and-tear of daily life, helping your color stay fresh for up to twelve weeks.

Our tip:

Make sure you’ve got color-safe hair masks to hand! You can use them when you do a facemask, so it’s not really much more effort. Use as instructed -this varies from product to product, but it’s usually once or twice a week.