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What Should Men’s Shampoo Do?

A whole lot! As well as cleaning and caring, men demand specific performance from their shampoo

Widows peaks, receding hairlines: men battle these hair problems with their shampoo

Attractive hair is just as important to men as it is to women. Guys are very keen on having a full head of hair! However, around 50 percent of men will eventually have to deal with a receding hairline. Male pattern balding and thinning hair are not uncommon. It mostly comes down to genes: hair loss is hereditary. But certain illnesses, medicines, and stress can also play a part.

Women and men need different things from their shampoo

Shampoo, conditioner, treatment: women regularly treat their hair to an extensive care program, turning washing their hair into a mini-spa experience. They tend to consciously take their time, like to try new products and do everything they can to make their hair look healthy and well groomed.

And guys? They keep it simple. Most men’s hair care regimens tend to consist of shampoo – and that’s it. With this, they hope to fight receding hairlines, and look as freshly styled as they do leaving the barber or hairdresser. Conditioners and treatments are rarely part of the routine.

What men need: an all-round shampoo

Since men place the care and health of their hair mostly in the hands of a single product – in this case, a single shampoo – it has to provide maximum performance. Ideally, this means tackling problems such as hair loss, nourishing the scalp, and ensuring healthy shine.

The good news? There are men’s shampoos that work miracles for men’s unique hair requirements. Their exclusive ingredients ensure that they perform a trio of tasks: deep cleansing, activating growth at the roots, strengthening, and scalp.  

Tip: use a styling product after you shampoo

Especially guys with longer, wilder hair should take 30 seconds or more to put the finishing touches on their hair – even after using top-performing shampoos. Try a styling paste to bring hair into shape.

Rub a small amount between your palms and work it into dry hair. The result? Perfectly styled hair that’s not sticky and will look good all day (or night)!

Tip for bearded guys: give your beard the same quick styling treatment.

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