Man with well-groomed long hair in a suit
Hair Care | Men

How men care for long hair

Should only women have long hair? No. Not only is it bang on trend for men, but it also looks really good and is extremely masculine. But remember, each centimeter means more care. Read on to discover the secrets of basic hair care (really not difficult).

Want to stay on-trend? Then wear your hair a bit longer, guys. Because it wasn’t just the cool spring/summer styles in the latest collections that caught our eye – we were just as fascinated by the male models’ gleaming locks.

Men who already wear their hair long will be specially pleased to hear this fashion news. But it’s no secret that having long hair is much more than just letting it grow. The magic word is care. So what does that really mean?

Wash it the right way

When you’re washing your hair, don’t use water that’s too hot because this will dry your hair. Apply the shampoo, preferably a moisturizing one, in a circular motion and make sure you rinse it out thoroughly. Always apply conditioner to make it easier to comb. This also closes the cuticle layer that opens up during washing, giving extra shine. Don’t worry, the conditioner only takes a few seconds to work and doesn’t need a whole lot more effort.

Tip: brush your hair before you wash it so it’s easier to comb afterwards. And because wet hair is more sensitive than dry, tease out tangles with a large-toothed comb.

How best to blow dry

After washing, never dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel because wet hair is more sensitive. Just wrap it in a towel and squeeze it carefully. Before blow drying, apply a heat protection spray to protect the hair and prevent damage to the cuticle layer: if this gets roughened, your hair won’t shine. Blow dry your hair at a low heat setting and in the direction it grows.

Perfect care for long hair

We know you don’t want to turn into a care junkie but we do recommend a little extra care now and then. Giving your hair a care treatment once a week only takes a couple of minutes and it’s really not that complicated!

Also, occasionally rub a little hair oil into the ends of your hair to help prevent splitting and add shine. This sort of proper care is important, and you should also have the ends trimmed regularly, about every two months.