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All You Need to Know About Men’s Haircare

Whether you sport a cool short cut or long, wild locks, well-maintained style starts on your head. Learn what’s important when it comes to men’s hair, what care products are available and how to use them properly

Time is of the essence. That’s the motto for most guys when it comes to hair care and styling: A quick wash, blow dry and style with gel or pomade. But sometimes it's worth spending a little more time on hair care: Particularly when hair is dry, stressed or oily. No problem – you can find the right product for every hair type. Here’s a simple and concise overview.

Men: Here’s how you wash your hair right

Man with well-maintained short hair

With just a few steps and the right products, achieving handsome, healthy hair can be easy.

The bottom line when it comes to shampoo: What is my hair type and which shampoo do I need? Tip: Use a shampoo that suits your hair type. If you’re not sure, your hairdresser can advise you.


If you regularly use styling products, it’s important to wash them out of your hair completely. A mild shampoo can help. Feel like your hair is kind of lifeless? Try a shampoo containing caffeine. Just as your morning coffee wakes you up, it will stimulate circulation in the scalp, ensuring the roots of your hair are sufficiently supplied with nutrients.


Dry scalp and dandruff? Nobody needs that! Deal with this problem quickly and reliably using special anti-dandruff shampoo. Active substances, such as zinc pyrithione, combat the cause of the dandruff (in most cases: A yeast fungus) reducing its formation. Tip: Even once the dandruff is gone, keep using anti-dandruff shampoo once or twice a week as a preventative measure.

Causes of oily hair in men

Oily hair can have several causes. Nutrition, frequently running your hands through your hair and genes are all greasy-hair risk factors. Combat overactive oil glands on your scalp with a silicone-free shampoo for oily hair. These contain surfactants that thoroughly cleanse and degrease the scalp, as well as astringent substances that narrow the sebaceous glands to keep oil production in check. Tip: Don’t use oily hair shampoos every day – two or three times a week is enough. On other days, use a mild, oil-free moisturizing shampoo.

Men’s hair care: five mandatory products

Man with well-maintained long hair

Long hair in particular needs special care.

What can you do for your hair besides use the right shampoo? These products are also essential:

  1. Conditioner
    Shampoo – and then you’re done? Consider conditioner (especially if your hair is long). This will act as a protective layer for the hair, smoothing the roughened outer cuticle layer with a thin film. It will also provide hair with important nutrients. Conditioner can make your hair easier to comb and style, and help to tame flyaways. Tip: Men with very short hair can skip conditioner – but guys with longer hair should consider treating it to a conditioning.

  2. Long-haired men: Try a treatment
    Keep long hair healthy and shiny by using a hair treatment once a week. Work it into the body of the hair and allow it to act for around five to ten minutes, then rinse well. In a hurry? Look for a leave-in treatment product.

  3. Hair tonic
    Want to pump up the volume? Try a hair tonic. This product usually consists of liquid herbal extracts. What does it do? A tonic works to regenerate hair from root to tip and promotes blood circulation. The result: a healthy scalp and strong and shiny hair.

  4. Volume powder or dry shampoo
    Another option for an instant volume boost in longer hair: Dry shampoo. This is sprayed on the roots, worked through and then brushed out. Alternatively, try a volume powder. This is also applied to roots and worked through with the fingertips.

  5. Don’t forget your beard!
    Not only the hair on your head, but also that on your face, needs special care. A mild shampoo will help ensure that your beard is clean, but does not dry out. Clean your beard every second or third day to remove any build-up. After washing, use a beard oil. This acts as a natural emollient and moisturizes thanks to its blend of base oils and essential oils. Bonus: The skin on your face will also benefit.

Extra hair care tips and tricks for men

  • Even the best product won’t help if you rinse it out too quickly. Let your motto be: “Let it work.” Multitask: Use the waiting time to shave or brush your teeth.

  • Following shampoo, conditioner or treatment: Always rinse thoroughly. Product residue can build up, weighing the hair down and making it look stringy.

  • Don’t wash the hair in hot water as it can dry out. Lukewarm water is best. If you’re tough enough, give your hair a final cold rinse for extra shine.


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