Argan Oil with petals
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The miracle cure Argan oil: Why is it so good for our hair?

Moroccan oil, also known as “Moroccan Gold”, is one of nature’s true wonders. Argan oil can work magic: In no time at all, it makes your hair look healthy, shiny and nourished.

From shampoo to delicacies and eye cream, Argan oil delights with its valuable ingredients on multiple levels. This Moroccan Gold has gained worldwide fame thanks to its unique combination of antioxidants, vitamin E and essential fatty acids. The oil is extracted from kernels of the Argan tree, which grows almost exclusively in southwestern Morocco.

Beautiful hair with Argan oil

Argan oil really does seem to be the cure for practically all our hair problems. The highly concentrated levels of vitamin E found in the oil make our hair look glossy, shiny and healthy. Dry and damaged hair can benefit most from Moroccan oil, as it nourishes and hydrates, and targets split ends. The result is a much softer hair texture. It can help treat dandruff, irritated scalp conditions and even prevent hair loss. What’s more, it can stimulate growth: regular use of Argan oil, inside and out, can provide the nutrients needed for a magnificent head of hair. And if that weren’t enough, Argan oil also contains tocopherols. These active ingredients protect your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays and prevent it from drying out. It’s a miracle oil for hair!

The all-rounder Argan oil

But the magic qualities don’t end with your hair. Moroccan oil is also perfect for your skin. Thanks to its deeply moisturizing benefits and the valuable active substance triterpenoid contained in the oil, it can also help treat acne and burns. It has a regenerative effect on sun damaged and scared skin. The ingredients in Argan oil supports not only hair and skin, but also the proper functioning of our body and digestive system.