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Emerge Your Hair in Exotic Splendour – with Fruit Shampoo

Even though your next vacation may still be a distant dream, you can bring the enticing scent of exotic destinations into your bathroom. Find out below what magic fruit ingredients can do for your hair

Resplendent Experience: Kiwi Fruit Shampoo

Enticing scent plus amazing effects: Fruit shampoo solves all hair problems

In the 1970s, kiwis started to appear in fruit baskets everywhere. While kiwis look unassuming on the outside, their bright green inside is very appealing. Expect shiny splendour for your hair when the nourishing ingredients of kiwis are added to shampoo. Aside from their high vitamin C content, kiwis also contain extremely effective moisturisers for new highlights in even the most stressed hair. If your hair is fine or thin you may be delighted to learn that these moisturising ingredients do not weigh down hair.

Hair like Silk: Cranberry Fruit Shampoo

Fresh and dried cranberries and even cranberry juice taste delicious. Now they are also known as a thirst quencher for dry hair. In fruit shampoo, the tiny red cranberries come to the rescue of hair in dire need of TLC after one too many colour treatments, too much sun or other damaging influences. Cranberries are chock-full of vitamin C, and they also contain tannins, which are known to make short shrift of free radicals. As you can see, cranberry shampoo does a lot for hair.

Relaxed Hair: Pomegranate Fruit Shampoo

Pomegranates are a symbol of sensuousness for a reason. The bright red pomegranates appeal with their beauty, and their red juicy seeds taste very refreshing. Pomegranates not only appeal to all senses but also nourish hair. They contain ample vitamin C and polyphenols and are therefore valued as antioxidants. In the presence of these powerful antioxidants, free radicals have no chance to survive and damage your hair to their very core. Pomegranate shampoo helps normal hair to weather the daily onslaught of damaging influences like UV light and hair processing procedures.

Soft rather than Straw-like Hair: Acai Berry Shampoo

The cherry-sized acai berries grow in the Amazon region of northern Brazil. They are sought after as power food. Especially surfers and bodybuilders rely on the muscle-building effects of the berries. Acai berries also strengthen and repair brittle hair. With its structure restored to natural smoothness, hair looks silky, smooth, strong and healthy again. You may like to know that Acai berries also protect from free radicals. They are actually several times more potent anti-oxidants than red grapes, which are also hailed as strong anti-oxidants.

Perfect Balance: Goji Berry Fruit Shampoo

The tart and slightly sweet tasting tiny wolfberries are commercially known as goji berries. The berries are native to China and Tibet. Meanwhile, goji berries are a global success. Natural healers use them for their high vitamin and mineral content. Goji berries also seem to heal damaged hair. Shampoos with goji berry ingredients beautify normal hair.