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Hair Oil Magic for Dazzling Hair

Hair oil can do wonders for hair. It gives over-processed hair the needed extra care, lends definition to curls, prevents split ends, is balm for the scalp and also adds lustre, strength and suppleness to hair. Best of all, thanks to modern high-tech formulations, hair oil has become a true lightweight and can even be used in fine hair. Find out below what hair oil can do for your hair and how to use it

Hair oil is the perfect solution for hair in need of more radiance. The practical new hair oil formulations work wonders when it comes to giving stressed hair lustre and suppleness. Today’s clever hair oil formulations are not going to weigh down your hair unnecessarily. Some hair oil formulations are available in two versions to suit all kinds of hair types from fine to thick hair. Still other hair oils can be used in different ways. They are used as pre-treatments before shampooing or as very thorough leave-in cures.

Hair Oil as Curl Tamer

Curly hair is usually dry and often also over-processed. A hair oil treatment restores the natural lustre and healthy appearance. Hair oil increases the hair's natural shine by helping the cuticle scales to arrange around the hair shaft in the natural orderly fashion. The much smoother hair cuticles are then able to reflect light more efficiently than before. This explains the increased radiance. Hair oil also helps to shape and define very tight curls, which then appear lavish rather than frizzy. By the way, if your hair is curly you may use hair oil generously.

Hair Oil as Styling Aid

Increasingly, hair oil is also used in styling products. The precious Argan oil for example is an ingredient in many styling products. In hair spray, hair oil keeps the hair supple and still allows for sufficient hold. Good hair sprays therefore no longer create the dreaded 'helmet effect'. Many styling sprays contain hair oils such as Marula oil. The oil is a remedy for dry hair, protects the hair against blow-dryer heat and prevents the frizz caused by humidity.

The Proper Use of Hair Oil

Hair oils are very useful as leave-in hair treatments. Since you don't intend to rinse out the oil you should use no more than two to three drops. The oil is best applied to dry hair. If you have curly hair you should gently work the oil through your entire hair. For straight hair you should distribute the oil in the palms of both your hands and then gently stroke the outer surfaces and ends of your hair, while leaving the hair near the roots untreated. You can also use the oil as a regular hair cure. In that case you should distribute the oil through your entire hair. For best success you should wrap a warm towel around your hair while allowing the oil to do its magic for at least 20 minutes. Rinse the oil out of your hair by first working a dollop of shampoo through your dry oiled hair. Only then should you shampoo your hair the regular way (wet) once or twice.