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Hair myth: what’s the optimal in hair care?

Shampoo, conditioner, hair cure, split-end fluid, heat protection spray: the more hair-care products the better, right? It may sound logical, but that doesn’t mean it’s right…

In truth, the opposite is often the case. Too many hair care products and treatments can be bad for your hair. In a nutshell: you can have too much of a good thing! Blow-drying, styling, coloring, toning, and perming can all strip your scalp of its natural protective oils and knock it off balance. Too much conditioning can have a similar effect – it stops your hair and scalp from helping itself. Think about it: if you’re constantly putting something on your scalp, it will never get the chance to protect itself naturally. Worst-case scenario: hair loss.

How much is the optimum for hair care?

That’s really not an easy question to answer in general terms. It really depends on the condition of the hair. And that differs hugely from one person to the next. It’s only when you really tailor the hair care products to your individual needs that you can achieve a shiny, healthy head of hair. When it comes to dry hair, for instance, an intensive treatment with different products could make sense, as it needs a lot of moisturizing. Greasy hair on the other hand, needs a shampoo that reduces the oil production on your scalp. For the best results, choose products from the same line as they have been developed to work in harmony with each other.

What to do with damaged hair from too much hair care?

You’re using shampoo, conditioner, treatments, hair oils, volume mousses, hairsprays and more – and despite sticking to the same brand and line - you’re still not happy with the result. Then you suffer from too much hair care and styling products. The only thing that can help now is a so-called deep cleansing or peeling shampoo, that will strip the hair from product build-up. Our tip: don’t use this product too often either, as overuse can damage the hair structure. The best solution is not to use too much product in the first place.

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