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Flyaway Hair – 5 Tips For More Suppleness

Only flying is better... But not when it comes to cultivated hairstyles! Especially in autumn and winter, single hairs quickly accumulate a static charge, making them stand out wildly and uncontrollably. What can be done against this unlovely frizz? We have great tips for guaranteed success in taming flyaway hair

Flying high: well-groomed hair. But here comes the frizz! Random, frizzy tiny hairs standing out from the head and quickly destroying any cultivated look. Neat hairstyles have to battle this problem during the cold time of the year in particular, since the mane can become charged with static due to dry furnace air and the friction of knitted hats, thick scarves and wool sweaters. Then you get flyaway hair. But there are a few tricks to get the frizz under control. Well tamed.

Tip 1: How to tame your hair? Proper care!
Hair care is rewarded – because well-kept hair will not break ranks as easily. Dryness and split ends can quickly make hair look brittle and like straw – not to mention increasing the risk of flyaway hair. Nourishing repair rinses that penetrate deep into the hair layers for satiny soft results offer relief. The first step against frizz in general is proper washing followed by a pampering treatment. After washing, ideally with anti-frizz shampoo, this definitely includes a conditioner and also a rich treatment – intensive care products supply the hair with important nutrients and make it super supple! Caution, hot: Heat from a hair dryer draws moisture from the hair and can damage the structure. Air drying is best. If you cannot do without the hair dryer: Do not forget heat protectant!

Tip 2: Like a well-oiled machine – nourishing oils
The little hair antennas on your head won’t comply? Reach for oil, the all-round talent that nourishes and refines your hair for guaranteed suppleness. No worries about an oily look. The new products enriched with nourishing oils set themselves apart with a light texture that is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy impression behind. Instead they leave a beautiful, healthy gloss – ideal as a beauty finish! Our extra tip: Massage the rich product into the lengths and ends – to control flyaway hair even in a trendy, define ponytail.

Supple Hair With Ponytail

Tips for flyaway hair

Anything but frizz: A silky, precise braid does a lot more – seen at the Erin Fetherston show in New York

Tip 3: Sprayed For Suppleness – Hairspray
The hair tamer par excellence: Fixating spray is the must-have for perfectly styled and tamed looks where frizzy hair does not stand a chance. Simply spray the separated sections before styling for a defined look that is guaranteed to last. Finally spray the finished style from a distance of about 30 cm – so the particles are distributed more evenly and the hairstyle will not fall apart later. Professional trick: Apply spray to your hand and gently rub it over the hairstyle. Smooth the little antennas on the temples with a discarded toothbrush after wetting it with hairspray.

Tip 4: Gone smoothly – the frizz finish
If nothing else helps against the unwanted air show, styling gel is sure to succeed. Hair gel is a welcome product, especially for the trendy sleek and wet looks. It always makes the hairstyle perfectly defined – chic, elegant, dramatic!

SOS – first aid: Coming from the cold into a heated room, you pull the knitted hat off your head – frizz – flyaway hair. Hand lotion and lip balm are great when you are out and about. Found in any purse, they offer a quick solution to flyaway hair. Correct application: Spread a small amount on your palms and carefully rub it over the strands.

Tip 5: Always light – anti-frizz products
For hair like pure silk: Anti-frizz products are the silver bullet to tame unruly hair! Sprays, elixirs or lotions: Professional tamers repair the hair fibres, lend extra suppleness and also provide plenty of moisture to prevent flyaway hair. Prevention is best to avoid flyaway hair in the first place – proper hair care: It starts with brushing the hair – never use a brush to de-tangle wet hair! Use a coarse comb instead to avoid breaking the hair and prevent unwanted frizz.

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