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BB-Creme for Hair

Dream hair without a lot of effort? Easy as pie! BB-Creme promises all-round beautification – also for hair. The all-in-one care principle for the skin can be applied to achieve a supply, glossy mane as well. We explain what the new all-round haircare is about

A full-time job, family, not enough free time... We are all familiar with the constant lack of time. Yet beauty cannot be allowed to suffer when things get stressful! If only the care programme wasn’t so time-consuming... Stop. Help has arrived: Today’s women swear by all-rounders – care products that combine numerous characteristics and effects in one. BB-Cream is such a miracle cure. This cream has successfully proven itself for skin care already. Now BB-Creme is also taking over hair with its all-in-one concept. How does it work? Better, faster, more beautiful – we explain.

What is BB?

The abbreviation stands for 'Blemish Balm'. And it does a lot: The multifunction product nourishes, tightens, conceals, relaxes, protects against UV... So B-balm is a day cream, anti-ageing fluid, sunblock and foundation in one. A hit in cosmetics! No wonder that hair experts chose the popular beauty balm as a model to develop BB for hair care. 

What does BB-Creme promise for the hair?

Similar to facial care, BB-Creme for the hair offers a combination of intensive care and protective properties: More resistance, more frizz control, more volume, gloss and suppleness, fewer split ends, less broken hair – the supercream combines it all in one product. This multi-talent whips your mane into shape when you are in a hurry. The desire for satiny smooth hair, brilliant radiance, natural volume and the ability to comb hair immediately is met in just one application. 

How does BB-Creme for the hair work?

Rich ingredients such as plant oils help hair overcome everyday challenges. Droopy manes become flawless and glossy again. A weightless formula with liquid hair components equalises the hair’s moisture balance, prevents frizz and ensures a satiny soft texture – without burdening. Unlike facial care, blemish balm for the hair contains no pigments so it does not change the hair colour. 

How do I use BB-Creme for the hair?

BB-Creme is used as a leave-in treatment. That means no rinsing. Simply towel dry your hair, distribute a hazelnut size dab of BB-Creme into your hair and let it work. Thanks to mild ingredients, the hair beautifier can be used daily in good conscience. It leaves more time for the other beautiful things in life!

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