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A Haircut is not the Only Solution of Last Resort: Try SOS Hair Products!

There are those bad hair days. The hair clings to the scalp, it has no lustre and the ends are not a pretty sight. Try some easy home solutions, before you decide to make an end of this misery and talk your favourite hairdresser into cutting the offending frizzy mess. You may be surprised what those clever SOS hair care products can do for your hair

Cutting your hair is not the only solution

Is your hair shapeless and dull no matter what you do? Relax, a haircut is not your only option!

Your hair may magically appear to multiply in numbers just after a haircut. Postpone the haircut because there are other ways to recreate this magic at home! Start by using a conditioning shampoo made for fine hair. The collagen in these hair care products strengthens your hair and special components like keratin rebuild it. Silicone-free formulas build volume without weighing down your hair. Styling mousse or spray adds even richer volume to your hair. The latter care products strengthen each individual hair and make it more pliable. Remember that these products are needed near the roots to build volume, not in the hair ends.

More Volume rather than a Haircut

Proper styling also adds volume to your hair. Give your hair a little time to dry before pulling it over a round brush. It is hard work to do this with very damp hair; you should therefore leave this kind of work to your hair stylist. First gather the only slightly damp top layer of your hair and clip it to the top of your head. Strand by strand, you can now pull the lower portion of your hair over a round brush while warming it with a blow-dryer. Allow the round brush to stay in the dry hair for a minute while your hair cools. Then remove the round brush ever so gently. Style the top portion of your hair using the same technique. Alternatively, you can use heated rollers for the same effect. Allow the rollers to cool before removing them. Now brush your hair and enjoy the lustre and volume. Your hair stylist could not do it better!

More Lustre rather than a Haircut

After a visit to your hair salon your hair shines almost like a polished mirror. You can easily add this beautiful shimmer effect at home using care products like rinses or leave-in hair treatments. Such conditioners realign the hair cuticles until they form a smooth regularly tiled hair surface. The more regular the outer cuticles are aligned the better they reflect light. It is this light reflection that gives your hair the attractive deep lustre. Be sure to rinse out all shampoo and excessive conditioners. Best rinse until your hair is virtually ‘squeaky’ clean. Residual hair care products will dull your hair. By nature, curly or kinky hair is less shiny because wavy hair reflects light less well than smooth straight hair. Still, you can add to the lustre of your wavy hair using conditioners with ample lipid content. Such conditioners contain amaranth, Argan or Macadamia oil, which help to smooth the hair cuticles particularly well. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, with the proper conditioners it will shine like freshly cut.

A Hair End Repair Kit Can Postpone the Haircut

Any hair style looks shaggy and neglected with split ends. This does not always mean that you have to cut your hair right away. Right from the start, you should use a very gentle shampoo. This and conditioning rinses for stressed hair tame your hair and keep it from ruining your hair style with their unruly behaviour. Use a large-toothed comb of excellent quality, which is made from wood or bone. These combs do not further contribute to split ends. A hair end tonic temporarily repairs split ends. Such tonics coat your hair ends with a whisper-thin film of silicone oil. In this way, they protect and smooth split ends. In an instant, your hair will look healthier and much less shaggy. You should use these hair tamers sparingly; one or two droplets are usually plenty for all hair ends.

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