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Staying Cool – Summer Hair Care

Hair contains 10 to 15 per cent water. On hot summer days, part of this water evaporates. It is vital to compensate for this moisture loss and fill the water depots of your hair regularly. Our cool hair tips help you keep your hair properly moisturised on the hottest days

On hot summer days, we all wish for fresh hair and skin. Use our hair care tips to keep your hair feeling fresh all summer.

Summer hair care: Select shampoo and rinses, which are designed to provide freshness and moisture.

The content counts: Ideally, summer hair care products should contain keratin, panthenol, Aloe vera and/or mint for hair, which feels fresh for a long time.

Splish splash: Cooling body spray does not only provide freshness for the skin but also for the scalp. The fresh fragrance is a welcome bonus.

Perspiration: Perspiration cools the skin and scalp and also helps to distribute oil from the scalp through the hair. This and the increased sebum production on hot days make it necessary to shampoo hair more frequently. Using lukewarm water to shampoo your hair is beneficial for hair, scalp and circulation. The gentle treatment also reduces perspiration.

Moisture Booster: Elixirs with oil provide sun-damaged hair with moisture. Conveniently, they may be applied to wet or dry hair.

Cooling Effect: After a long day in the sun, a hair mask soothes the scalp and conditions the hair.

End to end moisture: The heat of summer is particularly hard on the hair ends. Hair end fluids prevent dry hair ends.

Freshness from the inside out: Drinking a sufficient amount of water is important. Non-carbonated water and unsweetened tea are excellent thirst quenchers.

In his video, hair and make-up artist Armin Morbach shows how to turn sun-damaged hair into a soft shining head of hair in a few steps.

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