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One of these days: five moments that every woman with dry hair knows

Dry and stressed hair is demanding and needs special care. But despite a thorough hair care regime for your stubborn hair, there are certain situations in your everyday life that every woman with dry hair knows. Frizz ball hair in humid weather to name one. Find out, what you can do to prevent this from happening.

You are dreaming of a beautiful and well-groomed mane? You want that your hair looks healthy? If your hair is lacking moisture and fat, it will become dull, brittle, and dry. Heat and other weather conditions put an additional strain on your hair. Then hair care and styling do not become an easy feat. But what can you do to prevent dry hair? We show you five moments that every woman with dry hair knows all too well and give you inside tips how you can prevent them from happening in the future with the right hair care and one easy life hack at a time.

1. Rebel hair: your hair is stubborn

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Summertime: especially now your dry hair needs extra care

You have an important meeting or want to go on a romantic date? You have come up with a very sophisticated hairstyle for this.


But your hair has different plans. Your mane is dry, stubborn, and pointing in different directions. Now you need extra care for stressed hair.


The Schauma 7 Blossom Oil 1-Minute-Care-Treatment achieves 95 % less hair breakage and makes your hair shiny and smooth. After only a few applications you will notice a considerable improvement of your hair structure.

2. No sparkle: your hair just does not want to shine

At work and around town you see all those women with beautiful and shiny manes. You want one of those too. But your whole hair structure is so damaged and you are lacking shine. Instead of glowing hair, you have straw-like hair. To get your hair to shine again, we recommend you are gentle to it. Avoid heat at all costs. Ensure that you are using the right care for dry hair. Only this way can damage to your hair structure be repaired. The hair structure is being smoothened and the light gets reflected. And you turn into the shining star you want to be.

3. Haar explosion: Frizz ball in humid weather

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With the right hair treatments your dry hair will also survive more humid weather conditions

When the air is humid or it is raining, women with dry hair have to fight frizz. Your hair fluffs itself up and becomes a frizz ball. Then, only a firm updo or a beanie can rescue you on your bad hair day.


To prevent that from happening in the first place, you need special hair treatments that will moisturize your hair.


We also recommend you comb, not brush your hair. With a wide-toothed comb you can detangle your hair gentler than with a brush. That way the hair structure is not damaged even further and you pull out less hair along the way.

4. It’s trickling: dandruff with a dry scalp

Dry hair can often look brittle and scruffy. It gets even worse when your dry scalp tends to have dandruff. Which, when wearing dark clothing, is especially uncomfortable. Pamper your scalp therefore with a beauty treatment in form of special hair treatments for dry and damaged hair. That way your scalp is also getting the moisture it needs. Alternatively, a hair oil with almond oil, sunflower oil or olive oil can help too.

5. Knots after showering

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With the right care you can make your hair shine

The attrition when applying shampoo while showering can have a damaging effect on your hair structure.


Ensure to use a moisturizing shampoo. Conditioners can also help with making combing your hair easier.


Our tip for after your shower: be gentle with your hair and press it out carefully with a towel instead of rubbing it dry.