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Hair Care for Cold Days: Beauty Week

Freezing temperatures, dryness, coarse fabrics: The cold months can be really hard on your hair. So why not pamper it with a wellness week? Treat your hair to a daily beauty ritual from Monday through Sunday. Our care calendar features an awesome hair care trick for healthy, supple hair every day of the week 

Not only do fashions and sports vary with the seasons, hair changes as well. This means you should redefine hair care for each half of the year. Different care rituals are needed in spring and summer compared to the autumn and winter. Our mane needs special attention during the cold months because dry air (both inside and out) alters the moisture balance in our hair. Pronounced temperature fluctuations are also a concern: Out into the cold, inside where it is warm and then the whole thing all over again. As though all that were not enough, cold days bring another stress factor with them: clothing. Wonderfully warm but not particularly good for your hair, heavy scarves and stand-up collars can make hair knotty as it keeps rubbing against them. The coarser fabrics of winter coats for example can roughen the hair surface, making hairs more prone to split ends and causing them to look brittle.

Quality time is what your hair needs to recover from all of these stresses and strains. Pamper your hair with a bit of downtime and indulge it during our feel-good wellness week. This 7-day beauty programme nourishes your hair from the roots to the tips, making it healthy and lustrous. Highly effective, simple and easy to do at any time – give it a try starting on Monday. 


After a thorough deep cleaning, you start your week feeling refreshed: Special repair shampoos make your hair more resistant to stresses and protect it against drying out. The gentle pampering formula cares for your hair and even repairs minor structural damage. Nevertheless, taking a break from washing is good if your scalp tends to feel itchy and irritated. Cleaning washes out the natural oils from sebum production that protect the scalp and hair. Sebum is reduced by exposure to lower temperatures and dry air, which is why daily washing can cause dryness in winter.


Spray it on! Hairspray coats hair like a shield, preventing the chafing and static charging caused by wool sweaters, knitted scarves and similar attire.


Flyaway hair and frizz are the unfortunate order of the day in the cold season – especially since hats are now among our most loyal companions. The best weapon: Anti-frizz lotion. It improves the hair texture, restoring its silky suppleness without weighing it down. Simply apply it evenly to (towel-)dried hair and frizz no longer stands a chance. 


Pamper your hair with a little something extra after washing: A leave-in treatment regenerates the hair structure and lends new vitality to the mane. The great thing about that: Rather than having to rinse it out, the care product makes your hair satiny and glossy all day.


You haven’t struck oil yet? Then it’s about time! Beauty oils are the perfect finish for dazzling evening hairstyles. They not only make you look good: The intensive nourishment is absorbed immediately and protects the hair against dryness.


The weekend is finally here! Now you can take a bit more time for your care programme – how about the premium version? A rich mask for example gives you the whole package: The deep nourishing effect lasts a long time, repairs the hair structure and adds plenty of moisture. It also contains pampering plant oils (such as argan or jojoba oil) and strengthening proteins as well as vitamins.
For the best results: Distribute the mask in damp hair after washing. Ideally work it in evenly with a coarse comb and then wrap a towel around your head – the heat intensifies the effect of the ingredients. Allow the mask to work for about five to ten minutes and then rise it out thoroughly.


We all know you are supposed to rest on the last day of the week – which is precisely our final wellness secret. Do nothing! That is because too much care can also be bad for your hair and weigh it down in time. So the bottles and tubes stay closed for the final – just put up your feet and enjoy your Sunday. Your hair will thank you.