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Eight reasons your hair is so dry – and how to get your shine back

This much is true: anyone can suffer from dry hair. But why does hair actually become dry and brittle? What increases your risk of dry hair? We’ve listed the common causes of dry hair – and reveal how to keep yours looking healthy and shiny

Dry hair? Don’t worry: with the right tips, your hair can be saved. Often, too much of a good thing – or the wrong kind of care – is the reason for dry hair. However, dryness can also have other causes. We’ve compiled typical reasons for brittle, dull hair. We’ve also got first aid at the ready to help your hair shine again.  

Eight causes of dry hair – and the right solutions!

  1. You rarely indulge in a head massage
    Yes – you heard that right! You should treat yourself to this luxury more often. Massages stimulate the scalp, increase blood circulation and encourage sebum production. This is not a bad thing – in fact it’s absolutely essential for healthy hair. If the hair shaft doesn’t receive enough sebum from the roots, hair will appear brittle and dull. Tip: massage as you shampoo and condition in the shower to easily incorporate this step into your routine.

  2. You brush your hair too often
    Frequent brushing should be avoided – too many brush strokes can rough up the surface of the hair, leaving it looking distressed. Better: comb or brush as gently and infrequently as possible, using high-quality tools made of natural materials.

  3. You wash your hair too often
    Dry hair should not be washed daily. Essential, protective oils are washed out of the hair with each shampoo. Result: hair and scalp become dry, and hair lacks shine. Apply this rule of thumb: wash only as often as absolutely necessary, and as rarely as possible. Shampooing every two to three days is normally sufficient.

  4. You wash your hair in too-hot water
    It’s true: a hot shower after a long day can work wonders. But not on your hair! Too much exposure to hot water is very drying and should be avoided. It’s best to wash hair in lukewarm water. If you can handle it, rinse your hair in cold water, which smooths the roughened hair surface.

  5. You are using the wrong care products
    Dry hair and damaged hair are not the same thing. Dry hair lacks natural oil. Damaged hair is strained by coloring or processing. Ensure you use care products designed for dry hair, to appropriately moisturize, smooth and restore shine.

  6. You don’t use heat protection
    Whether hairdryer, flat iron or curling iron: hair should never be exposed to high heat without protection. This is not only damaging, but also drying. Your weapons to combat this: mousse and heat protection products. These coat the hair and prevent it from drying out. Tip: when drying hair, keep the nozzle of your hair dryer around a foot away, and always brush from top to bottom – this helps to close and smooth the hair shaft.

  7. You are using the wrong styling products
    Absolute no-gos for dry hair: dry shampoo and strong hold hairspray. Why? Dry shampoo soaks up oil. For normal or oily hair, this isn’t a problem – in fact, it can sometimes be a real lifesaver. However, it is not suitable for dry hair, and makes the hair surface look even duller. To fix hair in place when styling, avoid strong hold hairspray. Instead, opt for a nourishing hair spray designed for dry hair.

  8. You don’t nourish your ends
    Split ends is a common dry hair problem – and a reason to pay more attention to the tips of your strands. What do they need? An extra dose of care! Conditioners, intensive masks and oils can repair damage to tips. Leave these on overnight to truly penetrate the hair and repair it from the inside out.