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Six Care Tips for Dry Hair

Dry hair? No thanks! Unfortunately, the winter months can make hair frizzy and dry. We tell you which shampoos help against dry hair and give you tips that will make your stressed tresses shiny and smooth again …    

Dry air and icy cold take their toll on hair in winter. Itchy hats and wooly scarves don’t exactly help either. The result: dull, dry hair and split ends. Your hair needs a little bit of TLC every now and then. Use specially formulated care products to keep them healthy and shiny. But what really helps against dry hair and split ends? These six tips help you fight both:

  1.  The best shampoos against dry hair
    Special shampoos for dry hair provide moisture, calm the scalp and minimize itchiness. They should be used two to three times a week. Shampoos with repairing ingredients, natural oils or moisturizing features are ideal. Tip: If you wash your hair daily, switch between a very mild shampoo and one for dry hair regularly. This will prevent the scalp from drying out.

  2. Hair oil: quick fix against dry hair
    Dry ends in particular are quickly and easily taken care of with hair oil. Tip: Only apply oil to the ends, not all over your hair, to prevent a greasy look.

  3.  Masks and conditioners against dry hair
    Masks or conditioners are hair care basics. If your hair is very stressed, you should regularly apply a leave-in-product. Use a mask once or twice a week, but only massage into the tips, not the roots!

  4. UV protection spray against dry hair
    In summer, salt water and sun are often the cause for dry hair. Apply a special UV protectant before heading out into the sun. Not just your skin needs to be shielded from its harmful rays, your hair does, too. Tip: Spray into damp hair and go!

  5. Reduce your use of styling tools to prevent dry hair
    Give your hair a heat timeout and let it dry naturally. Get soft waves by braiding your hair after washing and using a texturizing spray. You can achieve sleek or wet-look styles with gel. Always apply a heat protectant product before blow drying, curling or straightening.

  6. Less is more for dry hair
    That goes for washing, but also for styling. Remnants of gel, hairspray and other products stress and dry out your hair. The same thing goes for excessive washing. In winter, when the cold outside and dry air inside take their toll on your hair, you should try washing less regularly.

In general: Get a regular trim to prevent dry hair and split ends. Take off between two and six inches, depending on how stressed your hair is.

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