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5 Tips to Make Hair Dry Faster

Air dry or blow dry? One takes longer, the other is not the gentlest drying method in the long run. We have the solution for everyone: with these super tips and tricks, hair actually gets dry faster. Quick, handy, nurturing and time saving!

Air drying your hair? That sounds good and really, it is. While it may be the gentlest method, it is not the most practical one. Especially once outdoor temperatures start falling again, leaving home with wet hair means an acute risk of catching a cold. Not to mention that your hair, whorls and untamed strands may stay or appear stubborn after air drying. So most of us reach directly for the blow dryer. We reveal how you can save time drying your hair while taking it easy on your mane.

By the way: be sure to always apply heat protectant before blow drying!

1. Air Exposure

A mix of both – blow drying and air drying – is the most advantageous. Wait as long as possible after washing before you reach for the blow dryer. This gently pre-dries your hair so the hair dryer only has to be used briefly. Another plus: the pre-dried strands are easier to style and shape while blow drying since they have a good grip.

2. The Right Towel

Stop and put your towel to work first rather than exposing sopping wet hair to hot air from the blow dryer. Surely you are familiar with the term 'towel dried hair'. If you want to do the job right however, leave the classic cotton towel out of it. Choosing a microfibre version is far better. These towels absorb up to twice as much water, shortening the subsequent blow drying session accordingly. Hint: keep finding parts of the towel that are still dry and use them to gently dab away the water. Avoid excessive rubbing since this roughens the hair cuticle too much and can therefore cause hair damage.

3. Brush Please!

Don't worry, there is no need to brush your hair dry, but a few strokes before and during blow drying can really speed up the process. This also makes the hair supple and smooth. Thanks to even distribution of hot air from the blow dryer, the resulting regular surface ensures that the strands can dry more quickly.

4. Conditioner Can Help

Not only does the application of a rinse pamper your hair and make it easier to brush, it will also dry faster. Why? The silicones in the conditioner surround the individual hairs, seal them and thereby make them more water-repellent. This means moisture cannot penetrate deep into the hair structure but sits on the outer sheath, beads off and can quasi be blown away easily!

5. Speciality Products

A miracle cure that makes hair dry faster? Yes, it does exist: special styling products that reduce blow drying time by half, therefore also causing less damage to the hair structure since not as much heat is required. Heat-conductive polymers that draw moisture from the hair are responsible for express drying. Phenomenal!