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Beauty in the Snow: The Best Hair Care Tips

Not only the clocks change in winter – you should also adjust how you care for your hair in the cold time of year! The mix of frosty temperatures and dry, heated air can really stress your hair. Some extra attention pays off! Read on to find out more

Skiing, parties at the lodge, warming wellness – winter offers wonderful highlights in addition to frosty days and weekends that invite you take walks under crystal clear skies even when it is freezing cold. Your mane needs special winter care to stay beautiful in the snow. Concrete tips? Here you go: our glorious 7!

Tip 1: Moisturise

Cold winter winds and heated indoor air not only dry out our skin but also our hair. So be sure to use shampoo and conditioner that replenish moisture in your hair during the winter months. A moisturising hair mask should be part of your care ritual as well. An intensive treatment once a week helps your hair stand up to winter.

Tip 2: Wash Your Hair Less Often

To avoid drying your hair out even more, do not wash it as often in winter as you do during the summer months. Going outside with wet hair? Try to avoid that. Cold temperatures are even worse for damp hair.

Tip 3: Hair Oil, the Miracle Cure

Applying hair oil is a boon for stressed winter hair. It helps regenerate dry hair, lending it new freshness and gloss. The golden oil can be applied to damp hair directly after rinsing out the shampoo or after blow drying.

Tip 4: Gentle Blow Drying

Letting your hair air dry in winter? The thought alone gives us goose bumps. Yet the heat of the blow dryer is also hard on your hair. The solution: apply heat protectant and blow dry with a diffuser on a low setting.

Tip 5: Wear a Hat

Exposure to rain, snow and cold is a big stress factor for hair. Wearing a hat largely protects it from the weather. With the many styles offered today, you are sure to find something that flatters you!

Tip 6: No More Flyaway Hair

Hair can become electrically charged by rubbing against sweaters, scarves and hats. You can counteract this effect by using some heat protectant spray for styling, or apply hairspray to your mane. To keep your hair smooth notwithstanding air moisture, you can also use anti-frizz products as a precaution – either as a shampoo for washing or as a spray applied to dry hair. But not at the same time please! More is not always better.

Tip 7: Trim Your Hair to Prevent Split Ends

Damaged hair ends are an ugly side effect of dry hair stressed by winter. When you trim the tips regularly, split ends do not stand a chance and you help your hair stay healthy and beautiful.

Winter is usually hardest on the ends of your hair. Rubbing against hats and collars stresses hair even more. Our video shows you how to revive dry, frizzy hair:

Video: Anti-frizz Hair Care